Rae to decide soon whether to run for permanent Grit leader

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - Bob Rae says he'll decide by the end of this month whether to try turning his gig as interim Liberal leader into a permanent job.

When Rae took on the interim post a year ago, the party's national executive made him promise he wouldn't use it as a launching pad to run for permanent leader.

But there's been a change in membership on the executive since then and current members are widely expected to release Rae from that commitment next week.

They're also expected to give a more precise idea of when the next leader will be chosen.

At the moment, the party has agreed only that a leadership convention should be held sometime between March 1 and June 30, 2013.

The party has been without a permanent leader since Michael Ignatieff resigned last May immediately after leading the once-mighty party to its most disastrous election showing in history.