A racehorse named Bold and Bossy bucked her rider before a race and galloped down the side of a Kentucky highway

  • A racehorse named Bold and Bossy lived up to her name with a bold run down a Kentucky highway.

  • Minutes before her race, Bold and Bossy bucked her rider and made a run for the exit.

  • Bold and Bossy raced down a Kentucky highway for several minutes, leading to some amazing videos.

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A racehorse named Bold and Bossy lived up to her name on Saturday when she bucked her rider minutes before a race at Ellis Park in Kentucky.

The 2-year-old filly was scheduled to run in the first race of the day at Ellis Park. But as she made her walk to the starting gate, Bold and Bossy had other plans, bucking jockey Miguel Mena to the ground and running off the track.

Free from the restraints of her rider, Bold and Bossy made her escape, heading onto a nearby Kentucky highway.

Unsuspecting drivers watched in disbelief as the racehorse made her way down the side of the road.

Thankfully, Bold and Bossy was recovered by her caretakers 30 minutes after her escape.

"Thank god for all the people who jumped in to go find her because she left town," owner-trainer Michael Ann Ewing said from Lexington, per the Associated Press.

Bold and Bossy lost two shoes during her run and suffered minor damage to one of her front feet but escaped any serious injury.

According to horse trainer Jack Hancock, who chased after Bold and Bossy as she went on her fun run, the fact that the horse was race-ready with her blinders on may have contributed to her insistence on running forward.

"She couldn't see anything beside her, so that made it a little worse trying to catch her," he said, per the AP. "I've been here all my life, and I've never seen one to do a run like this, not that far and not that much highway."

According to NBC News, the race Bold and Bossy bolted from was set to be the first competitive run of her career.

While she didn't wind up making the start, she certainly proved that she has plenty of run in her.

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