Race Sundays: 2022 Formula 1 - Race #17 Singapore - Post Race Recap and Topps Chrome Break

Welcome to our F1 Post race show covering race results and discussion. I am racing solo for this race but hopefully you will still find the content somewhat entertaining or informative. (do apologize for the few seconds of dead air) Today we will recap a very very wet Singapore race. When I tuned in 30 min before the actual race, I thought for sure we were seeing a repeat of 2021 SPA. The race was rather lack luster to start, though you did have several driver slowly eliminate themselves. That said, the track was rather interesting in that there's not a lot of straights but rather a lot of technical cornering and tire strategy came to play. Fantasy teams saw a shift in driver values this week. My fantasy team took a beating this week, as I had both Alpine drivers. The real race finish were (I messed up when I stated Vettel was in 9th, and Hamilton in 8) 1) Perez 2) Leclerc 3) Sainz jr 4) Norris 5) Ricciardo 6) Stroll 7) Verstappen 8) Vettel 9) Hamilton 10)Gasly I got some packs as well, so we will be breaking some Topps Turbo Attax and I have 1 pack of 2020 Topps Chrome. We will do our best to commentate on the drivers we get. This commentary is purely for fun, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. We would love to hear your input about what you thought about the race. Did you enjoy it?