Race Across The World fans are all saying the same thing about the new location

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The new series of Race Across The World officially launched last night, as we settled into our sofas and watched as five new pairs of contestants competed against each other in an attempt to win £20,000. But there was one big change made in season three, as the challenge was set in Canada alone - and viewers have a *lot* of thoughts.

Race Across The World follows contestants as they literally race each other across the world, having to hit a series of check points along the way, to a final destination. They're unable to use phones or travel by air, instead going via sea or land, and with a world map in hand.

In season one, the contestants started in London and had to get to Singapore, while season two saw the participants racing from Mexico City in Mexico to Ushuaia in Argentina.

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Due to the fact season three was filmed during the pandemic, it was set solely in Canada, with the pairs racing their way from Vancouver in British Columbia to St. John's in Newfoundland and Labrador.

While some viewers were upset at the lack of racing across the world part, others were in awe of quite how beautiful Canada is. "Enjoyed the first episode of the new series of Race Across the World last night. It’s in Canada. Beautiful landscapes, wonderful people," one person wrote.

Another said, "Race Across The World is visually stunning. Never been there but wow, Canada is just beautiful!" and "So delighted to welcome back Race Across The World! How beautiful is Vancouver and BC?? Glorious!"

Someone else added, "Sorry but is Canada not the most beautiful natural landscape?"

We know where our next trip will be.

Race Across The World continues on BBCOne at 9pm.

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