Raccoon sausages, meatballs on offer at German butchery

STORY: This German butcher is turning the over-populated

raccoon into products for human consumption

(Michael Reiss, Butcher)

"In most cases, they (dead raccoons) just get thrown away. According to official hunting statistics around 300,000 and 400,000 are caught (annually). That figure doesn't even include the raccoon that the allotment gardener unofficially catches. Yes, and they are disposed of. And I thought that is a resource that I can do something with. And in terms of the meat processing, it actually goes through the same processes as the other game species."

Before the meat is processed, a vet visits and

samples are sent to a laboratory for checks

Reiss came up with the raccoon meatball after he was

asked to represent his district at Berlin's 2023 agriculture fair

"Many customers describe the raccoon balls as fluffy. "Wow! They taste so fluffy," that's because the meat has a very soft consistency. That's why I created this raccoon-deer salami because the soft raccoon meat and the dry, low-fat deer meat create a bit of a middle ground and there is a product that is much more representative for those who don't want to eat wild boar or pork or are not allowed to eat it."

Now he offers six different products, from pate to sausages

"(I say to people) If you want a bratwurst, try one. If you don't like it you can have your money back. No one has come back yet for their money. It's more a case of: finally the little thieves are good for something."