New Rabbit hOle Museum brings children’s books to life in North Kansas City

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new children’s museum in North Kansas City had its grand opening Tuesday.

The Rabbit hOle Museum offers an immersive experience into a century of American children’s literature in a way that parents and kids can both enjoy.

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“We bring storybooks to life. It’s our goal that children come here to see something interesting and feel like they’re inside a story, and maybe it inspires them to pick up a book and read,” said Emily Hane, development manager for the Rabbit hOle.

“It was great. It was a total escape to the storybook world,” said Janice Stephenson, who was visiting the museum.

The museum has about 45 exhibits that take visitors inside a children’s story.

“You could read books and it tells you about each of the story rooms or exhibits, or you could just look at it,” said Monte Stephenson, who was visiting the museum. “Very, very intriguing.”

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The goal is to get kids excited about reading.

“Each exhibit shows a scene or an element of a classic work of children’s literature, and we have the books right next to it; so if you want to take a break and read the book with your family, we encourage you to do that,” Hane said.

The owners and operators of the Reading Reptile bookstore created the idea for the museum.

“In their 30 years working with children’s books, they got to know authors and illustrators from across the country, and that’s what gave them the ability to coalesce rights to so many books,” Hane said.

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“We have rights to more than 70 books already. That’s something that hasn’t happened anywhere else in the world, and we’re the only museum like the Rabbit hOle in the country.”

The museum is located in North Kansas City’s Iron District, and it’s open Tuesday through Sunday.

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