Quiz: How many generic Jason Statham action movies can you name?

Scott Meslow
The WeekNovember 29, 2013
Somehow, we don't think Statham will stay so calm for the whole movie.

I like Jason Statham, who stars in today's new release Homefront. He's fun in supporting roles in movies like Snatch or The Italian Job, or even the occasional leading role in something like Crank: High Voltage, which basically treats his body as a vehicle for ridiculously over-the-top punishment.

But Jason Statham also has a bad movie problem. Over the past decade, he's starred in a string of painfully generic action blockbusters with titles like Chaos or Safe or Redemption or, yes, Homefront — and they're all virtually indistinguishable from one another.

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Don't believe me? Take the Jason Statham quiz, and see how many you can name:

1. An elite hit man decides to mentor the son of one of his victims.

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A. Homefront (2013)
B. The Mechanic (2011)
C. Killer Elite (2011)
D. War (2007)

2. A London cop hunts down a serial killer who's been targeting police officers.

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A. Redemption (2013)
B. Safe (2012)
C. Parker (2013)
D. Blitz (2011)

3. An ex-Special Forces officer assumes the identity of another man and takes on a human trafficker.

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A. Redemption (2013)
B. Chaos (2005)
C. Killer Elite (2011)
D. Homefront (2013)

4. An ex-DEA agent moves his family to a small town and takes on a local drug lord.

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A. War (2007)
B. Safe (2012)
C. Homefront (2013)
D. Parker (2013)

5. A world-class thief seeks revenge on the crew that betrayed him during their last heist.

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A. Parker (2013)
B. Blitz (2011)
C. The Bank Job (2008)
D. Chaos (2005)

6. An ex-SAS member seeks revenge on the three assassins who kidnapped his mentor.

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A. Homefront (2013)
B. The Mechanic (2011)
C. Killer Elite (2011)
D. War (2007)

7. An FBI agent seeks revenge on the assassin who killed his partner.

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A. Blitz (2011)
B. Killer Elite (2011)
C. War (2007)
D. Redemption (2013)

8. An ex-cage fighter tries to protect a girl wanted by both mobsters and corrupt NYPD officers.

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A. The Mechanic (2011)
B. War (2007)
C. Parker (2013)
D. Safe (2012)

9. An experienced cop teams up with a new partner in an attempt to track down a famed bank robber.

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A. The Bank Job (2008)
B. Chaos (2005)
C. Redemption (2013)
D. Blitz (2011)

10. A man assembles a heist crew in an attempt to steal millions from a bank on London's Baker Street.

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A. Safe (2012)
B. Parker (2013)
C. The Bank Job (2008)
D. The Mechanic (2011)


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1. B (The Mechanic)
2. D (Blitz)
3. A (Redemption)
4. C (Homefront)
5. A (Parker)
6. C (Killer Elite)
7. C (War)
8. D (Safe)
9. B (Chaos)
10. A (The Bank Job)

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