Quince accused of random assault with machete

Jul. 22—A Crossville man with a history of alleged assaults with assorted weapons was arrested over the weekend after a city man accused him of threatening the resident with a machete.

Frank Henry Quince, 49, 30 Cary Rd., is charged with aggravated assault and criminal trespassing in connection with the July 17 incident that is alleged to have occurred on Vaughn St., shortly before 12:30 p.m., according to an arrest report.

Crossville Police SPtl. Samantha Seay wrote in a report she and other units were dispatched to a Vaughn St. address on a report of a possible assault taking place. A resident told police that while he was in his yard, he was approached by a stranger who claimed the two knew each other in Memphis.

When the resident told the man he did not know him, the man pulled a machete from a large duffel bag and started threatening him. After the man threatened the resident a second time, the victim called police.

About 30 minutes later, a man fitting the description of the suspect and identified as Quince was spotted at the Speedway station off West Ave. Seay wrote she had prior knowledge that Quince had been banned from the convenience store property and took him into custody.

A machete fitting the description provided by the victim was recovered and Quince was jailed on the felony and misdemeanor charges. Bond was set at $10,000 and an appearance in General Sessions Court was set.

In March 2020, Quince was arrested with threatening three persons with a golf club, knife and box cutter. In that incident, the victims told police they were at a car wash when Quince approached them, pulled out the golf club and started swinging it at two of the men.

He is also accused of pulling out a gun and threatening to shoot the men, according to reports at the time. A video from a nearby business backed up the victim's stories.

Quince pled guilty to reckless aggravated assault in the September 2020 and received a two-year sentence to serve,That prior December Quince was arrested after being accused of chasing occupants in a vehicle in the Woodmere Mall parking lot with a knife. Police were told that Quince pulled out the knife and threatened a friend during the confrontation.

Quince pleaded guilty to the December incident and received an 11-month and 29-day suspended sentence and was placed on probation.

In November 2018, Quince pleaded guilty to an information charging felony possession of a weapon by a felon, and to theft of property, and received a three-year sentence.

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