Quillen College of Medicine students receive post-graduation residency placements

Quillen College of Medicine students receive post-graduation residency placements

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – On Friday afternoon, 70 medical students, along with their friends and families, gathered at East Tennessee State University for Match Day.

On Match Day, students graduating from the Quillen College of Medicine received their residency placements.

“They’ll spend the next three to eight years wherever they find out,” said William Block, the dean of Quillen College.

Each student received an envelope with their name on it and inside held the names of the program they had been matched with.

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“They’ve been spending the last few months going through interviews and trying to figure out where they fit best,” said Block.

The students said this was a moment they’ll never forget.

“It’s a crazy feeling,” said Nicholas Roberts, who matched with the Diagnostic Radiology program at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. “It’s a lot of validation for four years of work to go into this one moment.”

“[It’s} super exciting,” said Ahauve Orusa, who matched with the Internal Medicine program at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Aside from their own placements, the students said they were excited to hear the placements of their peers.

“I haven’t gotten a chance to look at the entire list yet,” said Orusa. “But I’m excited to see where everyone else landed.”

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“I think it’s better than opening my own envelope,” said Roberts. “Seeing everybody get excited and cheer at their own table and getting up on stage. I think I get more joy out of hearing those stories than I do myself.”

Cecelia Brown found out she matched with the Orthopedic Surgery program with the Army at Fort Liberty in Fayetteville, North Carolina prior to today’s ceremony. She said it was special to support her friends as they were given their matches.

“I get to watch it as someone who loved them and not someone who’s also feeling that fear and angst and stress,” said Brown. “I’m proud to be here with them.”

Despite the stress and hard work the students experienced to make it to this point, they said it was all worth it.

“It feels like the culmination of the past, not just four years, but even undergrad,” said Orusa. “It feels like a culmination of a lot of work.

Out of the 70 students, 25 will stay in the state and 15 will return to Quillen College.

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