Quadriplegic man facing eviction has trouble getting new apartment

DENVER (KDVR) — A quadriplegic Denver man facing eviction has finally gotten approved for a new apartment through the Denver Housing Authority, but he said the path to reach that point was filled with unnecessary difficulties.

In April, FOX31 told viewers about Dane Eisom, a Denver quadriplegic man on the verge of being evicted. He is currently on Section 8 housing and said the Denver Housing Authority has been dragging its feet and making finding a new home incredibly difficult. Eisom said he has to be out of his current home by the end of the week.

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“I’m tired of living out of boxes. I got boxes here, boxes there, boxes everywhere,” he said.

Originally, Eisom was approved for a one-bedroom apartment, but with his medical supplies and wheelchair, there was not nearly enough room. Then, when he did find a large enough spot, it was not approved because of a price issue.

As all of that was going on, Eisom’s frustrations and worries grew larger.

“I’ve been just trying to find a place, and it’s like it takes longer and longer to find a place when the only places you can find have steps, second floors. I can’t go up to a second floor anymore,” he said.

This time around, at another location, he found out there was an issue with an apparent typo on his ID. He said he had used that ID for years, even to pick up his disability checks. Eisom was asked for further identification, completed paperwork and even fingerprints to get things secured, which he cannot provide because he is a quadriplegic.

“It’s very stressful. I just feel so sad because I really am a happy person all of the time, but it’s like it hurts me to not know where I am going to go the next day or if I am going to be put outside,” Eisom said.

Now, he’s finally secured another apartment. When FOX31 caught up with him, he was waiting on the Denver Housing Authority to approve the apartment, which the authority told FOX31 was finally approved on Tuesday.

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With a new location, a new deposit is needed each time, some of which he’s not getting back. Loved ones have set up a GoFundMe to help Eisom, linked here.

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