Python in the Pool: Viral Video Shows Child Swimming With Rare Albino Burmese Python

A glistening, yellow python slithering in a pool alongside a young girl is fascinating the internet.

California snake handler Corey Wallace published a video two years ago of his now 14-year-old daughter romping with a rare albino Burmese python in a wading pool.

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Now, the footage, licensed by Viral Hog, is now picking up steam, capturing more than 2.4 million views.

In comments ranging from concerns about the serpent defecating in the pool to questions about the safety of his daughter, posters seemed both impressed and repulsed by the giant reptile.

“Aren’t you worried it’s gonna f***ing eat you?” wrote one commenter. “This is actually pretty cool to see,” posted another.

Wallace said the 250-pound snake, called Sumatra, was always treated as a pet and was very docile.

She died six months ago of unknown causes, Wallace said. “It was very sad.”

She was part of the family, which includes eight human children, Wallace said.

She was also part of Wallace’s business, Redding Reptile Party, which brings a collection of snakes to kid’s parties, schools, and even nursing homes, to educate people about snakes as well as entertain.

“Sumatra was the main attraction,” he said. “You saw her and you were like ‘Wow.’ She’d come right up to your nose.”

Burmese pythons feed by “ambushing” prey, squeezing it to death and then eating it whole.

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But Sumatra was gentle, and she didn’t like killing her meals, so Wallace had to do it for her. He would dispatch a rabbit or a chicken with a strong blow to the back of the head, he said.

Only when the animal was dead would Sumatra eat it.

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