After Putin's decree on mobilisation, 250 doctors left Russia on charter flight

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When Russian dictator Vladimir Putin announced the start of mobilisation in September 2022, 250 doctors, afraid of being conscripted, left Russia on a charter flight; the flight was paid for by a Forbes list billionaire.

Source: Sistema (System) investigative project [joint project of Current Time and Radio Liberty]

Quote: "After the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine, new users flooded the social media groups that unite emigrant doctors from Russia. Judging by their activity, thousands, possibly tens of thousands of qualified doctors left Russia."

Details: According to the investigative project, no more than one to two per cent of the total number of doctors left Russia, but among them are well-known experts, chief doctors of renowned Moscow clinics, heads of departments, scientists, and educators.

The publication tells a story of one mass departure of doctors from the Russian Federation immediately after the mobilisation was announced in September 2022.

It is reported that the so-called "medical aircraft", filled only by doctors, flew from Moscow on 27 September. This charter flight was organised by a famous doctor and paid for by a Russian billionaire from the Forbes list, which invests in the field of digital technologies. They do not name their names.

Doctors paid RUB 40,000 for a flight [just over USD 500 – ed.], and the rest of the money needed to pay for the charter flight was provided by the billionaire.

As a reason for the mass departure of doctors abroad, the organisers of the "medical plane" invented a "Medical Congress in Yerevan" [Armenia]. All passengers of the flight were handed beautiful invitations to a fictional event and provided souvenir products with the logo of this non-existent scientific forum.

On the day of departure, one day before the expected closure of the borders of the Russian Federation, the Yerevan airport of the Zvartnots, overloaded with planes from Russia, refused to accept additional charter flights.

Therefore, a nonexistent congress was immediately "transferred" from Armenia to Kazakhstan, distributed new invitations to passengers, and on 27 September, the aeroplane flew to Astana safely, writes Sistema.

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