Putin suddenly declares that Russians' main task is to ensure preservation of Russia

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Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has suddenly declared that the Russians' main task is to ensure the preservation of Russia.

Source: Kremlin-aligned news outlet RIA Novosti

Quote: "Our main task is to ensure the preservation of Russia, to create conditions for it to develop and be strengthened. This task will definitely be accomplished.

But one of the components of the work to achieve this common goal is the revival and preservation of historical memory."


  • The war that followed Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 is now in its 12th month.

  • The Russian dictator continues to claim that everything is going "according to plan". In Russia it is forbidden to call the war a "war" [the term 'special military operation' must be used instead – ed.] or to protest against the invasion and occupation of Ukrainian lands.

  • Covert mobilisation continues in the Russian Federation. Officially, an additional 300,000 Russians have had to be conscripted into the Russian army because of the war. The Wagner Group, Putin's private military company, has recruited tens of thousands of convicts who have been sent to fight in Ukraine.

  • The Russian army does not announce its losses, but according to the Ukrainian General Staff, the invaders have lost almost 130,000 soldiers.

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