Putin hints at revenge for terrorist attack in Moscow Oblast and promises to held organisers accountable

Vladimir Putin. Photo: Getty Images
Vladimir Putin. Photo: Getty Images
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Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin has claimed at the extended meeting of the collegium of representatives of law enforcement that the organisers of terrorist attacks in Russia must realise that terrorism is a "two-pointed weapon" and promised to find the people behind the attack.

Source: Russian Interfax media outlet

Quote from Putin: "Those who use this weapon, and it is nothing else but a weapon used against Russia, must understand that both ends of it are equally sharp."

Details: Putin believes it is important to not only find the executors but all links of the chain, including the people at the very top. "We will undoubtedly find them," he stressed.

Putin believes that this is not the only paid-for crime. "There are no reliable agencies in this environment. Everything is done for money, motivated not by financial or political beliefs but solely by financial gain. Any information is bought and sold easily. We will definitely find those who ordered the attack," he claimed.


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