Putin explains why he is destroying Ukrainian energy system: it is revenge

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Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has admitted that Russia is destroying Ukrainian energy facilities and leaving millions of Ukrainians without communications (electricity, heating, and water) because Ukraine had allegedly blown up the Crimean Bridge.

Source: Kremlin-aligned news outlet RIA Novosti

Quote: "There is currently a lot of noise about our strikes on the energy infrastructure of the neighbouring country. Yes, we are doing it. But who started it?

Who hit the Crimean Bridge? Who blew up the power line from the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant? And who did not supply water to Donetsk?

Not supplying water to a city of millions is an act of genocide. No one has said a word about it anywhere. In general, there is complete silence.

As soon as we want to do something in response, [there is] noise, din, and crackle for the whole universe. This will not prevent us from performing combat missions".

Why this is important: Since 10 October, Russia has resorted to massive missile attacks on Ukraine. Some of the missiles launched by the Russians target Ukrainian infrastructure facilities. Russian missiles and drones often target civilian buildings.

Russia is trying to "persuade" Ukraine to "negotiate" through such attacks. Ukraine does not give in to Russian blackmail.

Aside from 24 February, Russian forces launched massive missile attacks on Ukraine on 10 October, 18 October, 31 October, 15 November, 23 November and 5 December.


  • Ukraine has been in a full-scale war with Russia for nine months after the open attack of the Russian invaders on 24 February.

  • Russian missiles are wiping out Ukrainian cities, destroying civilian infrastructure and energy facilities. Putin's team claims that in this way they are "persuading" Ukraine to peace.

  • Russia, led by Putin, has killed and deported tens of thousands of Ukrainians, and banned protests and opposition media in the country, but the Russian dictator still dares to call the Ukrainian government a "Nazi regime".

  • On 8 October, it became known that a large fire had broken out on the railroad portion of the Crimean Bridge.

  • Russian occupation authorities in Crimea claimed that a truck allegedly exploded on the Crimean Bridge. Meanwhile, the so-called head of the "Crimean parliament" said that the roadway on the Crimean Bridge was damaged by "Ukrainian vandals". According to media reports, Ukrainian secret services organised the explosion on the Crimean Bridge.

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