Putin equates green energy support with pro-LGBTQ+ policies

STORY: "Non-traditional" is the way LGBTQ+ relationships are described by many in Russia, including in Russian legislation.

"They are great experts in the field of "non-traditional" relations, so they also decided to rely on "non-traditional" forms of energy," Putin told reporters during a trip to Tehran, saying European countries had neglected "traditional" energy forms. "It turned out to be a long winter; there was no wind - that's it."

Supported by the ultra-conservative Russian Orthodox Church, Russian President Vladimir Putin has passed multiple laws over the last decade to restrict LGBTQ+ rights and assert what he calls "traditional values".

Russian lawmakers last week proposed to extend the country's "gay propaganda" law - which bans the portrayal of "non-traditional" relationships to children - to cover adults as well.

The law has been used to stop gay pride marches and detain LGBTQ+ activists, and rights groups say it has been applied broadly to intimidate Russia's LGBTQ+ community.