Putin claims Russia has ‘lost nothing’ in war against Ukraine

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Despite huge losses in war, Russian dictator Putin maintains Russia will get stronger
Despite huge losses in war, Russian dictator Putin maintains Russia will get stronger

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"I’m sure we have not lost anything and will not lose anything,” the Russian leader said.

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“The main gain is the strengthening of our sovereignty, and this is the inevitable outcome of what is happening now... I believe that this will only benefit us, for everything trivial, fleeting, that prevented us from moving forward, will be discarded – we will gain momentum (in) the pace of development. This is because modern development can be based only on sovereignty.”

According to him, the catastrophic foreign policy and economic consequences faced by Russia after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine "will lead to the strengthening (of Russia)".

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Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue their counter-offensive, liberating Ukrainian territories on several axes at once.

The Ukrainian military have kept the strategic Antonivskyi bridge and other crossings across the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast under sustained fire, thereby preventing Russian troops from restoring critical supply routes.

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As Ukrainian troops block the deployment of Russian units, the capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces in the region have been severely diminished.

And although the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has refrained from commenting on updates regarding the liberation of Kherson, earlier reports already emerged about the liberation of a number of settlements, including Vysokopillia.

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Its strategic position on key road and rail routes is said to be a key fulcrum of Ukraine’s liberation operation.

Additionally, Ukrainian partisans continue to eliminate pro-Kremlin collaborators who have voluntarily agreed to work for the invading Russian forces.

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Due to Ukraine’s ongoing success in freeing Kherson Oblast, the occupying authorities have decided against holding a sham referendum on "joining" the Russian-occupied area of Ukraine to Russia.

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