Putin claims Russia fights for its national interests using "peaceful means"

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has said that his country would fight for its national interests by "peaceful means", but if it failed, it would do so "by all available means".

Source: Kremlin-aligned news outlet RIA Novosti

Quote: "Russia will continue the consistent struggle for its national interests, initially by peaceful means, but if that fails, by all available means."

Details: A full-scale war with Russia has been going on for 9 months after an open attack by the occupiers on 24 February.

Russian missiles are destroying Ukrainian cities, destroying civilian infrastructure and energy facilities. Putin claims that in this way, the Kremlin is "bending" Ukraine towards peace.

Under Putin’s leadership, Russia has killed and deported tens of thousands of Ukrainians, banned protests and opposition media broadcasting in his country, but the Russian dictator still dares to call the Ukrainian government a "Nazi regime".

It is unclear to whom (Ukraine, the United States, the countries of the collective West) Putin's latest threats were addressed, but the Russian leader is prone to conspiracy theories and continues to claim that "the Ukrainian regime is controlled by the United States."

Theories about "biolaboratories", "NATO bases" and the influence of "Anglo-Saxons" in Ukraine are popular in Russia.

Putin has also voiced new threats, commenting on the shelling of Russian-occupied Donetsk. According to the Russian leader, "those who have to monitor human rights in the West do not care about the people."

Quote: "They consider Russia a second-class country that has no right to exist. This is the whole problem, the whole trouble."

This way, the Russian dictator is trying to turn the entire Russian population against Ukraine and Europe even more and to stay in power in Russia. Similar horror stories about Russophobia, LGBT domination and "Nazism" in the EU are voiced by Putin during almost every public speech he gives.

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