Putin attempts to justify attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

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"Now, there is a lot of noise about our strikes on the energy infrastructure of the neighboring country (Ukraine),” said Putin.

“Indeed, we are doing it. But who started it? Who hit the Crimean bridge, who blew up the power line from the Kursk NPP, who refused to supply water to (Russia-occupied) Donetsk?"

According to him, Ukraine's failure to maintain water supply to occupied Donetsk constitutes an act of genocide.

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"As soon as we make a move to do something in response, there will be noise, hubbub, and pearl-clutching around the world; but this will not prevent us from achieving our military goals," the dictator added.

On Oct. 8, a powerful explosion collapsed a road span of the Crimea Bridge, and damaged its rail section. The Ukrainian government did not acknowledge any responsibility for the incident.

Russia constructed the bridge to link its mainland to Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, which Moscow invaded and illegally annexed in 2014.

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