‘You put my life in danger’ Woman jumps out of vehicle after Uber driver crashes on I-79

A woman is sharing a frightening ordeal after she said an Uber driver hit a car and fled the scene all with her in the backseat.

The young woman, Kiara, said she begged her Uber driver to stop after hitting the other vehicle. But when he didn’t, she feared for her own life, that’s when she jumped out along a busy stretch of highway into traffic.

The woman shared photos with Channel 11 News showing the vehicle’s damage: a missing tire, mangled back door, and damaged bumper.

“[He] put my life in danger, and someone else life in danger,” she explained.

Kiara said she ordered the Uber from Washington Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh, a roughly 40-minute drive. She explained things were going smoothly until just before 1 a.m. when the driver missed her exit along Interstate 79 near Robinson.

“He put it in reverse to get back onto the exit,” Kiara said.

State police confirmed that’s when the Uber driver, identified as Gue Cristiano, rammed into another vehicle causing it to roll over. But instead of stopping, he kept going, with Kiara still in the back seat begging him to pull over.

“I kept saying please stop just please stop the car. I want to get out. I asked several times and at that point had to just jump out,” she said.

After she jumped out the Uber driver finally stopped, and Kiara grabbed her cell phone and called for help.

Unfortunately, she endured several serious friction burns and had to be taken to the hospital.

Now she wants accountability from not only the driver but the company.

“It’s hard to contact for help on the Uber app, I feel like there should be some type of emergency button,” she explained.

No charges have been filed but Uber confirmed that they are working with police to help with the investigation.

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