You Can Purchase Google Glass Invitations on eBay For One Dollar or $5,000

Jordan Valinsky
This is my crown. (Photo: Google)
This is my crown. (Photo: Google)

This is my crown. (Photo: Google)

There's a price if you want to end Google Glass FOMO once and for all. As the search-turned-hardware giant rolls out its invite-only Explorer program for others to join in, Glass Almanac has noticed an uptick of invites percolating on the auction site.

A search for invites on eBay picks up more than 100 results from thirsty sellers looking to offload their invites. Scams or not, the going price ranges from a steal at 99 cents to as much as several thousand. The invites, which don't actually include the $1,500 face computer, sound convincing. A user with an 100 percent feedback rating noted that their invite was for the second generation invite and is offering to partake a Skype session to verify the invites legitimacy. "I am a geek, this is my crown," they noted.

But don't slam down on that "Buy It Now" button just yet as the legality of transferring an invite is unclear. In the Glass' terms of sale agreement, there doesn't appear to be rules against selling an invite like there are in the Explorer's terms of service agreement: “Participation in the Program is personal to you and may not be transferred, assigned, sold, sublicensed to any other person or entity.”

However, what's to say that you're a Google Glass owner with invites that your friends don't want? What's stopping Glassholes from making some quick cash to cover the $1,500 they just dropped on the device?

Google has not yet returned our request for comment, so buyer beware.