PlayStation Network down intermittently — cyberattackers take credit

PlayStation Network's store.
PlayStation Network's store.

Last week, Xbox Live went through a ton of issues due to a cyberattack. Now, it’s PSN’s turn.

Sony’s PlayStation Network online service is experiencing a number of issues that are keeping many gamers from signing in. Some of our writers are experiencing this firsthand, and the problems are preventing us from logging into games like The Crew, which require an online connection. An online group known as Lizard Squad has taken credit for the attack.

We’ve asked Sony for more information and to confirm whether its Internet infrastructure is suffering an online cyberattack. We’ll update this story with any new information. The company did, however, acknowledge the problems in a tweet:

This comes about a week after Xbox Live was hit with several errors that made it difficult for people to open apps like Netflix and to sign into some games.

Lizard Squad took credit for that attack as well. The group tweeted the following earlier today right as people started complaining about their connections:

It should be said that Lizard Squad may not be responsible for the problems that PSN users are experiencing.

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