‘Find another route’: Pro-Palestinian protesters at MIT block rush hour traffic

A week after a Pro-Palestine encampment was moved from MIT’s campus by police, student protests and calls for the school to act rage on.

Hundreds blocked traffic on Mass. Ave. Wednesday during rush hour. Police were seen blocking the bridge over the Charles River to safeguard the gathering.

Meanwhile, protesters from MIT, neighboring universities, and non-student supporters continued to call for the school to divest and disclose Israeli investments and connections.

“We mean no harm,” said protester Bryce Swope.

While commuters were blocked on Mass. Ave., protesters assured these protests will continue until universities act.

“Sucks to suck,” said one protester. “Find another route.”

Last week, ten Pro-Palestine protesters were arrested for blocking the faculty parking garage.

One day later, ten more were arrested as police cleared MIT’s Pro-Palestine encampment on their quad.

In a statement last week, MIT’s President Sally Kornbluth explained:

“My responsibility is to the whole community: to make sure that the campus is physically safe and functioning for everyone, that our shared spaces and resources are available for everyone, and that everyone feels free to express their views and do the work they came here to do,”

Students and protesters tell Boston that 25 additional students could face university discipline.

“They’re facing suspension,” said Kojo Acheampong, a Harvard student who helped organize the protest.

Addressing President Kornbluth, he continued, “The use of force, the use of violence is completely unjustified… Drop all the charges. It’s unjust.”

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