Protesters demonstrate in Rome against Green Pass

The demonstration took place in Piazza del Popolo a day after the implementation of the new measure introduced by the Italian government to try to contain the highly infectious Delta variant.

Italy is following in the footsteps of France, which was the first European country to say it was making proof of immunity mandatory to access a range of services and venues.

"Today I decided to demonstrate against the Green Pass because I heard that it will be required to access university spaces," university student, Tea Capai, told Reuters. "I am not against the vaccine but I think people should be free to choose whether or not to receive it," she added.

"It is a disguised obligation to be vaccinated that allows the government not to take responsibility for introducing a law forcing people to be vaccinated," said protester Michele.

From Friday the Green Pass will be required to go to gyms, swimming pools, sports stadiums, museums, spas, casinos and cinemas. Eating in indoor restaurants also requires a pass.

The Italian government will widen the Green Pass requirement to all teachers, university students and long-distance transport from Sept. 1.