Protesters Arrested Following Brawl at Richard Spencer Event in Auburn

Several protesters were arrested following a brawl outside Auburn University’s James E. Foy Hall, where white supremacist Richard Spencer was speaking on Tuesday, April 18.

The Spencer event was previously cancelled by Auburn due to concern about planned protests. A federal judge on Tuesday ordered the university to honor the speaking event, citing free speech.

This video shows the brawl breaking out between a Spencer supporter and a member of the antifa, or anti-fascist, movement. Police officers cuffed the two fighters shortly after the first punch was thrown. A reporter with Auburn University Plainsman tweeted that police threatened the antifa activists with arrest if they didn’t remove their masks.

On April 15, antifa activists counter-protested a pro-Donald Trump rally in Berkeley, California. Smoke bombs were set off, a white supremacist leader was captured on camera punching a woman and fights were caught on camera.

Note: The uploader said he would be posting more video throughout the protests, therefore this hub may be updated. Credit: YouTube/Ryan Crumpler via Storyful