Proposed high-speed railway would link two major US cities in just 90 minutes: 'The opportunity to revolutionize rail travel'

Proposed high-speed railway would link two major US cities in just 90 minutes: 'The opportunity to revolutionize rail travel'
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Things are looking promising for a proposed high-speed train route that would connect Dallas and Houston, Newsweek reported.

In April 2024, President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida both expressed support for a plan that would use Japanese Shinkansen technology and link these two major Texas hubs in just 90 minutes.

Driving from Houston to Dallas normally takes around four hours, so this train would save several hours for commuters, helping reduce stress and improve work-life balance. The route is also reportedly faster than air travel if you factor in the time normally spent at the airport.

It's better for the environment, too. According to Newsweek, which cited figures from Amtrak and Texas Central, the proposed high-speed rail link would reduce the number of cars traveling on Interstate 45 by 12,500 per day and slash planet-warming pollution by more than 100,000 tons annually. In turn, this would benefit human health since poor air quality is linked to a host of illnesses and also help slow the warming of our planet, protecting communities from extreme weather events.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, transportation is one of the largest contributors of planet-heating gases in the United States, with light-duty vehicles like cars spewing out more than half of this pollution.

Meanwhile, trains only account for 2% of this transportation-related pollution.

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While the U.S. has traditionally lagged behind other countries in high-speed rail development, the country has made some major strides lately.

For instance, the California High-speed Rail Authority is making progress on constructing the country's biggest high-speed rail system to date. And private high-speed rail company Brightline announced a new stop along Florida's Space Coast, which will make it easier to visit Cape Canaveral.

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"We believe in this," transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg said of the proposed Texas high-speed rail line, per Newsweek. "Obviously, it has to turn into a more specific design and vision, but everything I've seen makes me very excited.

"Meanwhile, Texas Central CEO Michael Bui said in a press release, "This high-speed train, using advanced, proven Shinkansen technology, has the opportunity to revolutionize rail travel in the southern U.S."

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