Property transfers for Nov. 17

The following is a list of property transfers from the Lawrence County Auditor's office. The information includes the address of the property sold, seller, buyer, gross sale price and date of filing:

Nov. 1

• 4363 U.S. 50 East, Bedford; Carl P. and Rita S. Cox, Bedford, sold to Jaron R. and Lindsey S. Lane, Bedford; $47,908.79; Oct. 27.

• 160 Burkwood Hills Lane, Springville; Washboard BDF LLC, Bloomington, sold to Robin M. Bennett, Bedford, and Rusty Holzworth, Martinsville; $330,000; Oct. 25.

• 674 Jasper McKeaigg Road, Bedford; Benjamin C. Christner, Bedford, sold to Reuben N. and Caroline J. Girod, Bedford; $180,365; Sept. 23.

• 674 Jasper McKeaigg Road, Bedford; Benjamin C. Christner, Bedford, sold to Simon L. and Lovina J. Troyer, Bryant; $180,000; Sept. 23.

• 115 Tripleton Pike, Bedford; Richard K. and Hannah L. Wade, Bedford, sold to Kinnon W. and Tabatha L. Kopp, Bedford; $180,000; Oct. 26.

Nov. 2

• 3009 Springville-Judah Road, Springville; Timothy N., Mary B. and Eryn C. Cusack, Bloomington, sold to Dennis W. and Valarie L. Martin, Springville; $170,500; Oct. 25.

• 1024 17th St., Bedford; Clinton A. Mason, Bedford, sold to Destiny J. Parker, Bloomington; $114,900; Oct. 28.

• 1512 23rd St., Bedford; CDDA Properties LLC, Bedford, sold to It's Always Something LLC, Bloomington; $65,000; Oct. 15.

• 1208 17th St., Bedford; Kovacs Properties LLC, Bedford, sold to Thomas Combs, Bloomington; $80,000; Oct. 28.

• 482 Fort Ritner Road, Bedford; John J. Malott, Mitchell, sold to Allen D. Milligan, Bedford; $3,000; Oct. 22.

• 1530 23rd St., Bedford; CDDA Properties LLC, Bedford, sold to It's Always Something LLC, Bloomington; $85,000; Oct. 15.

• 103 E. Hancock Ave., Mitchell; Scioto Blue River Properties LLC, Powell, Ohio, sold to Briar's Patch LLC, Mitchell; $129,500; Oct. 28.

• 451 Martin Hollow Road, Heltonville; James Frederick and Marcia Humphress, Sheridan, sold to Tatiana V. Vetman and Alexei P. Krasutsky, Greenwood; $90,000; Oct. 22.

• Copperhead Valley Road, Mitchell; Bradley P. and Sherri L. Dalton, Orleans, sold to Joshua Kush, Shoals; $95,000; Oct. 26.

• 153 The Woods, Bedford; Land of Indiana LLC, Bedford, sold to Lawrence and Anita Myers, Bedford; $200,000; Oct. 28.

• 105 Murdock Road, Bedford; Sheila Poole, Bedford, sold to Carl M. and Maegan Wilson, Bedford; $22,000; Oct. 21.

Nov. 3

• South Helton Road, Bedford; Teddy M. Maddox, Bedford, sold to Matthew F. Barthold, Bloomington; $4,000; Oct. 27.

• 415 17th St., Bedford; Pamela S. Roll George, Bedford, sold to Anthony L. and Kayla R. Blanton, Bedford; $27,600; Aug. 12.

Nov. 4

• 1701 Sixth St., Bedford; H. Ray and Victoria A. Christy, Bedford, sold to Clinton A. Mason, Bedford; $251,000; Oct. 28.

• 432 Ravine Drive, Bedford; Patricia S. Williams, Bedford, sold to Carrie J. Nowak and Priscilla A. Uberta, Indianapolis; $275,000; Oct. 29.

• Stumphole Bridge Road, Mitchell; JP Morgan Chase Bank as trustee of trust created by Edward N. Ballard, sold to William L. and Regina Graber, Loogootee; $875,000; Oct. 26.

Nov. 5

• 578 Randy Smith Road, Springville; Eugene and Lori L. Kim, Springville, sold to Austin J. and Samantha M. Holmes, Orleans; $490,000; Oct. 28.

• Deer Creek Estates, Bedford; Jeffrey P. and Heidi L. Bland, Bedford, sold to Tanna and Justin Smock, Bedford; $70,000; Oct. 29.

• 405 Q St., Bedford; Stephen A. and Selma P. Cobb, Bedford, sold to Edward G. Cobb, Bedford; $175,000; Sept. 30.

• 2435 H St., Bedford, Karen S. Bell, Bedford, sold to Eldred and Deborah Hemphill, Hereford, Arizona; $264,900; Oct. 27.

• 8160 State Road 446, Norman; Mary Ann Todd, Norman, sold to Navinia LLC, Fishers, $350,000; Nov. 1.

• 117 Edgewood Drive, Bedford; Estate of Donna Lawyer sold to Bobby and Richard Atwood, Bedford; $135,000; Nov. 1.

• 120 S. Teddy Bird Lane, Bedford; US Bank Trust National Association, Irvine, California, sold to Amber L. Kelley, Bedford; $58,500; Oct. 20.

• 813 Dalesa Ave., Oolitic; C. Dale and Marilyn J. Robinson, Bedford, sold to Patricia S. Williams-Lane and Gregory S. Lane, Bedford; $300,000; Oct. 29.

• 328 Wells Ave., Mitchell; Rita G. Gilstrap, Orange, Florida, sold to Ashley R. Woodard, Mitchell, and Camryn A. McCarty, Mitchell; $98,900; Oct. 29.

• 950 S. Ninth St., Mitchell; Dorothy F. Wagner, Mitchell, sold to Diversity One LLC, Covington, Kentucky; $56,000; Nov. 2.

• 5 Oakwood Drive, Bedford; Jason S. and Angela D. Lewis, Bedford; sold to Eugene and Lori Kim, Springville; $550,000; Oct. 29.

• 2386 Avoca-Eureka Road, Bedford; Aaron and Carie Swafford, Bedford, sold to Caleb and Abigail Swafford, Bedford; $110,000; Nov. 2.

• Younger Road, Bedford; Daniel Sipes, Bedford, sold to Daniel L. and Carmon A. Butcher, Bedford; $65,190; Nov. 2.

Nov. 8

• 155 J Hunter Drive, Bedford; Mark A. Harris, Bedford, sold to Jorge Lagunas, Roebuck, South Carolina; $180,900; Oct. 29.

• 1018 Q St., Bedford; Tina L. Dixon, Bedford, sold to Bradley A. and Darci J. Vine, Bloomington; $70,500; Oct. 29.

• 1002 24th St., Bedford; Brandon J. and Andrea C. Banks, Bedford, sold to Alexander and Sarah Maher, Terre Haute; $220,000; Nov. 2.

• 216 Westwood Drive, Bedford; Michael E. Wood, Bloomington, sold to Dale A. Cucchiaro, Lady Lake, Florida; $210,000; Nov. 4.

• 1403 Oak Manor, Bedford; Carol L. Strong, Bedford, sold to Dixie E. Callaway and Whitney M. Harrison, Bedford; $199,900; Oct. 29.

• 1067 East Oolitic Road, Bedford; Larry W. and Jonathon P. Stone, Bedford, sold to Hunter Lee Meadows, Bedford; $212,000; Nov. 2.

• 183 Tripleton Pike, Bedford; James C. and Katrina Floerke, Williams, sold to Richard K. and Hannah L. Wade, Bedford; $225,000; Oct. 29.

• 438 Smiths Road, Mitchell; Andrew W. and Jill Kluender, Mitchell, sold to Derek M. and Cristina A. Boogaart, Cartersville, Georgia; $320,000; Oct. 29.

• 3002 30th St., Bedford; Vickie Hamilton, Heltonville, sold to Dixie Highway LLC, Bloomington; $40,000; Nov. 1.

• 3642 T St., Bedford; Cynthia L. Smith, Bedford, sold to Angela D. Lewis, Bedford; $369,900; Oct. 29.

• 1134 N. Marion St., Mitchell; Renea Chastain, Orleans, and Michele Herzner, Mitchell, sold to Strategic Services LLC, Paoli; $28,000; Nov. 3.

This article originally appeared on The Times-Mail: Property transfers