PROPERTY TRANSFERS: July 13 - July 19, 2022

Jul. 30—July 13

William Dale Adams and Sandy Adams to Allyson Sizemore, Apple Grove Park Subdivision, $165,000

Butnell's Homestead Estates, Inc. to Courtney Brown, Tract A P30/159, $161,831

Butnell's Homestead Estates, Inc. to Phillip Karsner and Kellee Karsner, Tract B P30/159, $144,388

Butnell's Homestead Estates, Inc. to Phillip Karsner and Kellee Karsner, Lots 22-26 P23/153, $19,330

Michael J. Hale and Kimberly J. Hale to Bernardo Scarambone and Desiree Scarambone, Tract Madison Co., $110,000

Ida Green to Joe Lawson and Marsha Lawson, Pracel A Plat 30/40, $5,000

Estate of Helen Bernice Smith to Darrin Chasteen and Cheryl Chasteen, Tracts Madison Co., $434,500

Estate of Helen Bernice Smith to James Lovins and Virginia Lovins, Tracts Madison Co., $322,300

Henrietta Andrew to Add Four Properties, LLC, Kingdom Estates, $72,790

Alan Grainger and Sherba Nelson to Connie Mulcahy and Paul Mulcahy, Tract 17 Plat 9/117, $269,000

Elizabeth Pike to Ernie Campbell and Leslie Campbell, Rolling Ridge Estates, $295,000

Christopher Ashley Thompson and Courtney Adele Thompson to Ryan Szabo and Clifford Szabo, Shiloh Cove Subdivision, $400,000

KBS Rentals, LLC to Autumn Place Property Investments, LLC, Autumn Place subdivision, $1,846,140

City Rentals, LLC to Autumn Place Property Investments, LLC, Lots 4B, 4C, 4D, Plat 26/230, $3,115,180

Kenny Hobbs and Patty Hobbs to Maria Poenaru, Parcel A Plat 29/62, $57,000

Anne L. Bruder and Joshua A. Guthman, to Scott L. Thomas and Mary K. Thomas, Holly Hills Addition, $346,000

Dona L. Reed and Lillian Reed and her husband, Nathan Hisle to Emily Harrison, Tract Plat 8/369, $100,000

July 14

AGC BBQ Realty Co., LLC to Far West Storage, L. P., Lot 1 Richmond Business Center, $2,976,700

Nita Jean Robinette to David Christian Raleigh and Samantha Raleigh, Cherry Trace Subdivision, $251,000

Russell C. Ruble and Kristin Ruble to Tony Manuel Layne and Shelby Montana Layne, Tract Madison Co., $193,000

Brian Joe Crispin and Kara E. F. Crispin to Melody Ann Lee, Burnamwood Subdivision $199,900

Casey Haynes and Jason Haynes to Corrine Sagel and Joshua Howsam, Dixie Highway Park, $167,000

Joshua D. Lopez and Kristin Renee Simpson and Russel Ruble, Pinnacle View Subdivision, $245,000

Violet F. Godwin, Executrix of the Estate of Sargon A. Alexander and Jaylyn Gadd, Idylwild Subdivision, $255,000

Alford Properties, LLLP to Daniel Richard Czech, Greenfield Subdivision, $292,000

Michael Shawn Stratton to Kent A. Mason and Sara C. Mason, Tract 1A Plat 18/361, $58,310

July 15

Adam Batchelder and Kristy Batchelder to BGRS Relocation, Inc., Fox Run Subdivision, $310,000

BGRS Relocation, Inc. to Kristin Gaskin, Fox Run Subdivision, $310,000

Woodlark Capital, LLC to Kevin Guzman and Lindsey Guzman, Southern Hills Subdivision, 4305,000

J.T. Barrett Land Holdings, LLC to Cameron Scott Mullen, Heritage Place Subdivision, $269,000

Joseph Leslie Campbell, II, Lauren Elizabeth Campbell, and Jacob Thackston Campbell and Leah K. Campbell to Wow! Real Estate, LLC, Lots 6-8 Plat 25/361, $650,000

Nada Hoskins to Leonard Franklin Dyer and Billy Eugene Walters, Lot 1 Plat 30/141, $2,000

Kimberly White to Kim Love Wilson Realty, LLC, Clearview Subdivision, $85,000

Bruce Freeman and Andrea Freeman to Cherish Montana Richie and Jason Richie, Southpoint Subdivision, $244,900

George T. Vaske to the Brian E. Charles Living Trust, Rosedale Park Subdivision, $69,000

Kevin Polley and Cole Lewis to Krishna Ghimire and Mahesh Ghimire, Pond Meadow Subdivision, $209,000

July 18

Timothy York and Kimberly York to Laura McCleary, Tract Plat 23/55, $191,000

David Y. Thacker and Joseph B. Thacker and Katlyn Nicole Rogers to AA&R Sanitation and Drain, LLC, Lot 64 Wil O Mac Subdivision, $8,000

Deanna R. Tyler and Rocky Wayne Applegate to Gail A. Reichert and Eric L. Reichert, Battlefield Estates, $314,900

Michael Sparkman and Shannon Sparkman to Lisa Hutchinson, Tract 2C Plat 30/172, $75,000

Bluegrass Village Partners, KGP to Arbor Woods, LLC, Lot 4 Plat 14/89, $1,400,000

The Estate of Logan Clyde Coleman to Ismael Cruz Cortes and Loida Elizabeth Escalante, Madison Village Subdivision, $145,000

A&R Contractors, LLC to Cody Fuson and Autumn Fuson, Prairie View & Twin Lakes Subdivision, $379,000

Jonathan Wayne Wallace and Charlotte Wallace to Alessandra Boisvert Del Brocco, Suncrest Meadows Subdivision, $302,000

LP Construction, LLC to Hugh Irvine Stroth and Elizabeth Ann Stroth, Magnolia Pointe Subdivision, $363,949

Cain Homes, LLC to Travis Cramer and Cherelle Cramer, Ash Park Subdivision, $216,900

Foxglove Apartments, LLC to Signature Rentals, LLC, Parcel 2 Plat 21/205, $2,500,000

Lester Anthony Lowery and Linda C. Lowery, Lot 11 Plat 1/111, $130,000

July 19

Eric L. Reichert and Gail A. Reichert to Donald A. Fitzpatrick, Tract 1 Plat 24/270, $450,000

Paula d. Kopacz to Dixie Lee Cook, Brookline Subdivision, $240,000

Travis Coleman and Emily Lauren Coleman to Justin Hill, Lower South Pointe Subdivision, $235,000

Timothy D. Wilson and Kimberly L. Wilson to Zachary Toomey and Hannah Toomey, Freybrook Subdivision, $637,000

Eipert-Nicely Development, LLC to A&R Contractors, LLC, Vineyard Estates, $42,500

Rebuilt Realty, LLC to Maria D. Grimaldo Arredondo and Lusero Belen Alvarez Grimaldo, Tracts Plat 28/66, $260,000

Tommy Saylor and Donna Saylor to Adam Douglas Holmes and Kayla Danielle Holmes, Ridgewood Addition, $180,000

David Clark Chaney and Olivia Nicole Chaney to Isaac Tanner Dunaway, Hidden Hills Subdivision, $216,000

Samantha Ramos and Charles Ramos to Andrea Hunt Gilliam, Holly Hills Subdivision, $168,000

Travis K. Gilliam and Andrea H. Gilliam to Kamlesbhai Patel and Sonalben Patel, Battlefield Place Subdivision, $334,000

Betty Tipton Brown, LLC to Lauren McKenzie Brown, Frazwood Subdivision, $75,000

Denise Carter, Administratrix of Estate of Jeffrey Dwayne Carter to Adam Miller, Tract Madison Co., $40,000

Denise Carter, Administratrix of Estate of Jeffrey Dwayne Carter and Christine A. Carter to Adam Miller, Tract A P26/2, $1,000

Denise Carter, Administratrix of Estate of Jeffrey Dwayne Carter to WW Investments, LLC, Adams Subdivision, $45,000

Denise Carter, Administratrix of Estate of Jeffrey Dwayne Carter to WW Investments, LLC, Hickory Hills Subdivision, $150,000

Richard Dirk Everidge and Andrea Leigh Everidge to Chad Lingenfelter and Andrea R. Lingenfelter, Ouail West Subdivision,, $122,500

Adam J. Rhodus and Elizabeth Kelly Rhodus to Pamela Fay Devers and Meguel Dwayne Devers, Argyll Woods Subdivision, $378,000