Sep. 24—Aug. 10

—Joshua Chatham Aldridge and Aron Michelle Aldridge to Daren R. Ecklar, tract KY Highway 627, $32.860

—Merna Brown and Jonathan Barry Brown to Rose M. Mullins, lot 18 Lower South Point Phase 1 (112 Bryson Way), $315,000

—Jontorri Frey and Brooklynn Frey to Tosha Bowling, tract Madison County, $160,000

—Cathy Jordan Hughes and Lonnie Hughes to A&R Contractors, LLC, lot 102 Hidden Hills Phase 11A (668 Jennifer Drive). $20,000

Aug. 11

—Kauffman Properties, LLC to Juan Movis Duran and Floridalma Gomez Velazquez, tracts Powell Addition, $42,000

—Doug Hazelwood and Deana Hazelwood to M and H Investments, LLC, lot 17, 18 and 19 Bluebird Subdivision (105 Bluebird Avenue), $92,000

—Candace Logan and Kyle Logan to Jeffrey A. Walters, tract plat 6/362, $376,000

—Houghton Homes, LLC to Shelbi Noland, lot 128 Orchard Hills Subdivision Phase 4 (709 Tower Drive), $209,900

—Haddix Contracting and Excavation, LLC to Brandon K. Adams and Lauren K. Adams, lot 20 Gleneagles Phase 1-A of Boone Trace Subdivision (159n Gleneagles Blvd.), $463,029

Aug. 19

—William H. Cole and Gladys C. Cain to Roger Nipper and Brenda Nipper, tracts Madison County, $85,000

—Randy Nunley and Wanda Nunley to Joseph Christopher Holleran by and through his attorney-in-fact Angela Michelle Holleran and Angela Michelle Holleran, lots 8, 9, and 10 Rosedale Park Addition, $60,000

—J. C. Carr Builders, LLC to Greg Donavan Gerard and Suzanne Graham Gerard, lot 260 Phase VI Indigo Run Subdivision, $510,000

—Kyle Houghton and Allison Houghton to Houghton Homes, LOLC by Kyle D. Houghton, member and Allison Houghton, member, lot 1 plat 29/350 (220 Longwood Drive), $1.00

—Erik Wiggs and Tammy Wiggs, Phillip Wiggs and Mona Hendricks, and Althea Wiggs to John Clark Johnson and MA Joy Sandra B. Dionisio, tract Big Hill Mountain Road, $105,000

—Michael Lowder and Janice Lowder to Haley S. Robar and Donnie V. Rains, III, lot 3 AW Estridge Subdivision, $185,000

—Corey M. Harris and Leah J. Harris to Baltazar Rosas Rebolledo, lot 12 Tract 2-C High Meadows Subdivision (241 Oxford Circle), $230,000

—Appharvest Richmond Farm, LLC (f/k/a Richmond Land Company, LLC) to East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc, tract Speedwell Road, for valuable consideration the receipt of all of which is hereby acknowledged

Aug. 20

—KSK Assets Limited Liability Company to JP5 Properties, LLC, lots plat 27/116, $635,000

—Richmond Development Company, LLC (s/b/m with Turnberry Partners, LLC) to Richmond Green Properties, LLC, Killarney Properties, LLC, and Jason Drive Properties, LLC, tract 1 plat 28/195. $8,300,000

—K & L Developers, LLC to The Renovation Group, LLC, lot 110 Grey Oaks Subdivision Phase 3 (627 Fourwinds Drive), $46,000

—John Landreth to Aaron Cruse Pingleton, lots 10 and 11 Collins Subdivision, $185,000

—Nora Swanson and Sherry Harder to 4 B Investments, LLC, lots 2 and 3 Hillcrest Subdivision (116 Hillcrest Drive), $145,000

—Steven M. Lamb and Marina T. Lamb to Eric Denson Turner and Tiffany Turner, tract plat 21/101, (Floyds Branch Road), $230,000

—Thomas A. Saygers, Carol J. Saygers and Scott A. Saygers, Trustee of the Saygers Thomas A. Saygers Revocable Living Trust, dated December 16, 2013, to Scott A. Saygers, Trustee of the Saygers Carol J. Saygers Revocable Living Trust, dated December 16, 2013, lot 45 Indigo Run Subdivision (1009 Palmetto Drive), Property transfers courtesy of the Berea Citizen, for and in consideration of premises and to conform to the intentions of the parties

—The Estate of Gordon Philpot to Adrell Mae Stacey, lot 104 Richwood Subdivision (404 Worthington Place), $203,000

Aug. 23

—Williams Family Irrevocable Trust dated September 28, 2018, by Linda Gail Coulter, Trustee to William L. Lannum and Margie D. Lannum, Unit 210 Clairmont at Grey Oaks (210 Clairmont Drive), $250,000

—Anthony James Cruse and Jessica Davis Cruse to Anthony James Cruse and Jessica Davis Cruse, tract 3 P29/361, the Grantors, in consideration of dividing tracts, the Grantees herein, do hereby grant and convey unto the Grantees

—Edna Alexander to Andrea Wiseman, tract Madison County (129 Maple Street), $8,500

—Keys Investments, LLC to Sam W. Homes, Jr., lot 90 Gleneagles, Phase 1-A of Boone's Trace Subdivision (155 Avawam Drive), $17,000

—John Brockman and Tammy Brockman to Jonathan D. Parker and Carri Ann Parker, tract plat 7/353 (Red House Road), $360,000

Aug. 24

—Alec R. Romine and Cynthia L. Romine to Matthew Judd and Kayla Judd, lot 27 Kings Trace Subdivision (640 King Luke Court), $269,000

—Victory Lane Development, Inc. to Thomas Enricco and Caitlin Enricco, lot 37 Tahoe Way at Seven Oaks Subdivision Phase 1 (225 Tahoe Way), $314,052

—Kimberly W. Lockhart, Executrix of the Estate of William David Glenn III and Kimberly W. Lockhart as Trustee for the William David Glenn IV Trust and The Colin Douglas Glenn Trust to Diana Spring, lot 15 The Pinnacle at Boone's Trace, Phase 1-A (517 Spyglass Hill Drive), $625,000

—Ricky Dale Mullins, Jr., and Sara Brooke Mullins to Joshua Tyler Jewell and Samantha Dawn Jewell, tract Madison County (Charles White Road), $178,000

—Anesthesia and Pain Care Services PLLC to 1024 Ival James, LLC, lot 7 James Town Square (1024 Ival James Boulevard), $1.00

—Josh Barrett Homes, LLC to Brian Mitchell McIntosh and Melissa Ann McIntosh, lot 114 Orchard Hills Phase 4 (736 Tower Drive), $232,000

—Donald Shane Alcorn and Adinna Darlene Alcorn to Scott D. King and June Ellen Seals, lot 23 Silver Meadow Subdivision (405 Silver Meadow Drive), $167,500

—Stephen Hugh Madden and Amanda Madden to Dustin McArthur and Allyson McArthur, lot 26 Mountain View Subdivision (131 Mountain View Drive), $160,000

—Diana Martin to John Michael Baugh and Brandi Baugh, lot 92 The Oaks Subdivision Phase 1, 323 Bocote Drive, $220,000

—Stephen Willis and Sandra Wills to Tiffany M. Berry and Dakota Berry, tract Madison County (Highway 21), $240,000

—Michael Dwayne Renfro and Phyllis B. Renfro to Donald W. Comley and Kristi L. Comley, lot 58 Hilltop Acres Subdivision (102 Robinson Drive), $235,000

—Gary Edward Dalton and Rose Mae Mullins (f/k/a Rose Mae Dalton) to Courtney Nara and Joseph G. Nara, lot 21 Hickory Hills Subdivision (102 Lake Ridge Drive), $355,000

—Brian McDowell and Kristen McDowell to Daniel Plucinski and Wilma A. Plucinski, lot 36 Bay Colony Subdivision (1033 Bay Colony Drive), $425,000

—Zac Wynn Realtor Guy, LLC to Jose Antonio Rios Hernandez and Martha Alverez Gallegos, lot 36 Robbinsville Subdivision (117 Bradley Drive), $160,000

—Gregory Sargent and Barbara Sargent to Brian Keplinger, lot 107 Shiloh Pointe Subdivision Phase IV (416 Quail Creek Court), $545,000

—Phillip Sowers and Billie S. Sowers to Ricky Fritts, tract Lowery Heights, $9,000

—Crit Cable and Susan Rogers (f/k/a Susan Cable) to Susan Rogers, lot 7A 28/204, $1.00 pursuant to the Decree of Dissolution in Madison County Circuit Court case 21-CI-50248

—Kentucky Elite Builders, LLC to Sivantha Seng, lot 30 Ashpark Subdivision (249 Winward Way), $242,600

Aug. 25

—S & H Land and Cattle Company, LLC to SCR RC Funding IV, LLC, tracts Madison County, $683,423

—Faye Centers to Michal Riley and Jaclyn Riley, lot 33 Barnes Mill Estates (124 Redwood Drive), $400,000

—Morgan Ross Properties, LLC to Houghton Homes, LLC, lot 20 The Reserve, Phase II (220 Longwood Lane), $39,900

—Morgan Ross Properties, LLC to Kyle Houghton and Allison Houghton, lot 3 Boone's Trace Subdivision (2004 Hidden Falls Trail), $44,900

—William Lee Meade to William L. Meade, Trustee of the William L. Meade Revocable Trust dated August 19, 2021, tracts 10 and 11 plat 7/97 (tracts 10 and 11 of the George D. Tribble farm), for the purposes of funding the William L. Meade Revocable Trust, dated August 19, 2021

—William Haden Harris and Ruby L. Harris to William Haden Harris and Ruby L. Harris, tracts Madison County, to create joint title with rights of survivorship between husband and wife and for and in consideration of the love and affection First Parties have for each other, that relationship being husband and wife

—Matthew J. Wingate and Katherine Riley Wingate to Karl Karkaria and Dusty Karkaria, lot 171 Shiloh Point Subdivision Phase VII-C, $41,000

—Jerry A. Thomas and Myrtle Jean Thomas to Don Michael Parker and Ashley Dawn Parker, lots new Berea Subdivision (417 W. Jefferson Street), $125,000

—Stocks Construction, LLC to Peyton Homes, LLC, lot 31 Sunny Acres Subdivision, $28,000

—Karl Karkaria and Dusty R. Karkaria to Bruce Cope Builders, Inc., lot 5 of Lake Ridge Estates Subdivision Phase 2 (318 Champion Way), $41,000

—A and R Contractors, LLC to Benjamin L. Monarch and Jennifer D. Cook, lot 145 Orchard Hills Subdivision (236 Page Drive), $219,000

—Brent Harding and Bonnie Harding to David Pennington, lot 10 Green Meadows Subdivision, $20,000

—James A. Parker and Dusty D> Parker to Juan Carlos Martinez and Maria Vasquez Garcia, lot 1 Clarksville Subdivision, for and in consideration of the performance of terms of a certain land contract

—Jeffrey L. Wright to Leslie H. Timmerman, tracts Madison County, $391,000

—Ann Louise Butwell and John S. Wright to Beth Shalom Feagan and Volker Notker Grzimek, lot 1 Hillside Avenue Subdivision, $238,200

—Randall Ballard to Benjamin Foster and Sarah Foster, tract 2 Hideway Farm (1105 Hideaway Ridge), $564,000

—John Clines, III and Heather Clines to Akshay Johar, lot 57 Argyll Subdivision, $300,000

—Zachary H. Hess and April S. Hess to Maureen Elizabeth McCabe, as agent for Anne M. Robinson, lots 129 and 130 Dixie Highway Addition (199 Wilson Street), $134,500

—Randall Paul Eldridge and Karen Eldridge to Michele Hamele, lot 28 Bluegrass Junction (2105 Mercer Drive), $180,500

—FTM Construction, Inc to David Thomas and Linda Thomas, lot 47 Doves Landing Subdivision Phase II, $279,900

—Alan Hendren and Natasha Hendren to Chad Allen Downs and Crystal A. Downs, lot 25 King's Trace Subdivision (632 King Luke Court), $220,000

—K & L Developers, LLC to Leonard Franklin Dyer, lot 136 Grey Oaks Subdivision Phase 3 (659 Fourwinds Drive), $39,000

—David R. Thomas and Linda L. Thomas to David Smith, lot 13 Block 5 Fountain Park Subdivision (305 Riva Ridge Drive), $240,000

—Jacob D. Grant et ux, Faith Grant to Johannes Christian Cussons, Sr., and Amie-Lo Cussons, lot 12 October Glory @Golden Leaf, $550,000

—John Devere Builders, Inc. to Reeves Property Group, LLC, lots 133, 134, 135, 161, and 155 and 156 Ashpark Subdivision (629/631 Cardinal Point; 620/622 Cardinal Point; 616/618 Cardinal Point; 384/386 Anna Hume Boulevard; 373/375 Anna Hume Boulevard; and 377/379 Anna Hume Boulevard), $1,330,600

Sept. 2

—Kristen Southerland to Warren E. Southerland and Penny L. Sutherland, lot 19 tract 4 Mountain View Subdivision (409 Pinnacle Street), $162,000

—Rebecca L. Upchurch (f/k/a Rebecca L. Baker) and Jansen S. Upchurch to Christopher Robinson and Julie Ann Robinson, tracts Madison County, $500,000

—St. Andrews Place Retirement Community, Inc. to Alan Walters, as Guardian for William McDowell Walters, Unit 2 St. Andrews Place Condominiums (205 Brigadoon Drive Unit 2C), $125,000

—Judith H. Young to St. Andrews Place Retirement Community, Inc., Unit 17 B St Andrews Place Condominiums Phase 5, (5040 Dundee Drive Unit 17B), 92,600

—FTM Construction, Inc. to Scott Thomas Erskine and Susan Gail Erskine, lot 51 Phase II Diamond Brook Subdivision, $349,200

—Sowers Land, LLC to Daniel Muchow and Elizabeth Muchow, Lots Plat 29/153 (certain lots Terri Lane), $44,000

—Jerry Mullins and Claudine Mullins to Steven B. Franois and Tracy L. Franois, lot 4 Welchwood Estates Phase II Block B, $22,000

Sept. 3

—Jeremiah L. Morrison and Anna Morrison to Maria Elena Perez Toribio, tracts Madison County (3441 River Circle Drive), $124,000

—John F. Cornelison, III and Judy Cornelison, John F. Cornelison IV and Sherri Cornelison to Judy Cornelison and Michael Ross Cornelison, Parcel B Plat 29/379, for and in consideration of love and affection between the parties

—Rena Lou McNeil to Herbert Beach and Penny Laverne Beach, Unit 33 Arcadian Condominiums, $135,000

—Blue Lick Mountain Development Company, Inc. to Glen David Wagoner, Jr. and Beverly Hogge Wagoner, lot 7 Blue Lick Mountain Estates $45,000

—Augeo, LLC to New Idea Construction and Homes, LLC, lot 1 Herndon Estates, $27,500

—Brent D. Billings to Michael Keith Richmond and Melody Leandra Richmond, Tract 2 Plat 29/302, $77,500

—New Idea Construction and Homes, LLC to All In Investment Group, LLC, lot 64 Orchard Hills Subdivision, $50,000

—Magnolia Development, LLC to LP Construction, LLC, lot 165 Magnolia Pointe Subdivision, Phase IV, $42,500

—Jacob Arthur to Daniel Keate and Kara Keate, lot 48 South Pointe Subdivision (260 Bryson Way), $220,000

—Donald French and Virginia R. French to Amy Jo Walls, lot 50 Vineyard Subdivision Phase 1 (1000 Vineyard Way), $294,580

—James Mays and Jennifer N. Mays (a/k/a Jennifer Rosa Mays) to Dylan Lee Shadoan, lot 104 Bluegrass Acres Subdivision (103 Overland Drive), $160,000

—Christopher Chandler and Oliva Chandler to Andrew Porter and Ashley Fletcher, Tract A Plat 18/313 (273 Carver's Ferry Road), $360,000

—Blue Willow Property Group, LLC to David Joseph Everett and Vicki Ann Everett, Lot 15 Reserve Phase II (2028 Hidden Falls Trail), $493,375

—Jim Rigney and Jewell Sizemore Rigney to Lora Adams and Lester Adams, Lot 29 Western Hills Subdivision Block, B, f/k/a Bear's Den Subdivision (321 Lewis Drive), $229,000

—Nancy H. Tevis to Jeffrey Tevis and Sonya Tevis, lot 13 Rolling Hills Subdivision Addition 2 (1512 Providence Road), $181,25

Sept. 7

—Colin Pinkston and Josh Barrett Homes, LLC to Hanna Deshea Ritchie, lot 139 Orchard Hills Phase 4 (412 Star Court), $238,900

—Brian E. Charles, Trustee of the Brian Charles Living Trust, dated May 7, 2019, to Robert Mattox, Tract Plat 29/223, $25,000

—David Lawson Builders, LLC by David Lawson, member to Moore Construction and Excavating, LLC, to 6 and 8 Laney Brooke Estates, $40,000

—Suzanne G. Nayle to Julie A. Ledford and Kenneth H. Ledford, Lot 25 Hickory Hills Subdivision (116 Old Farm Road), $65,000

—Bobby Melson to Elbert Michael Bowling, Jr. and Reba Bowling, lot 21 Interstate Business Center, $224,900

—Clint Pinion, Jr and Timothy Edward Hall to Alvin N. Brake and Barbara Brake, Lot 11 Heritage Place Subdivision, $289,900

—Nicholas Hunter Lindsey to James Hunter Armstrong and Georgie Kay Armstrong, Lot 52 Dove's landing Subdivision, $214,000

—Stevie Cheesman, as Sole Beneficiary of The Mona Isaacs Trust Under Agreement dated June 24, 2014, and Individually Sean Cheesman to Lola C. Mayabb, lot 25 Sugarville Meadows (1421 Highway 1016), $181,000

—Edward Charles to Garrett Lambert and Emily Lambert, Tract Madison County, $210,000

—Indigo Run, Inc. to Christopher Drew Sadler and Glenna Nicole Sadler, lot 276 Phase 7 Indigo Run Subdivision, $45,000

—Nicole M. McClintock and Randy McClintock to Keith Allen Coubert, Lot 54 Phase 4 Fountain Park Subdivision, $290,000

—Razavi Properties, LLC to Anthony Powers and Dana Powers, Lot 9 Richmond Investments Company Addition (1018 E. Main Street), $155,000

—Joshua Paul Gardner to Vincent Ross Reynolds Tract Madison County (448 N. Madison Avenue), $40,000

Sept. 8

—Charles Russell Risk and Jamie Barger-Risk to Deondre M. Tate, Lot 48, Unit 1, block 1 Stoney Creek Subdivision (652 and 654 North Fork Drive), $203,000

—KJC Properties, LLC to Logan Hunter Coomer, lot 17 Stoney Creek Subdivision, Unit 2, Block 1, Phase 2 (449 Middle Creek Way), $218,000

—The Estate of Glenda Michelle Albertson, by Sue Ann Berry, Executrix, Aron Michelle Aldridge and Josh Aldridge to Sue Ann Berry, Lot 5, Section 1 White Hall Manor Subdivision (109 Frances Drive), $91,000

—Kevin Fagin and Diane Fagin to Ramona Marie Branch, Lot 12 Crossings Subdivision, $225,000

—Kyle Wells Congelton and Jenna Lee Cornelison Congelton to KWC Properties, LLC, Lot 67, Block 2 Creekside Subdivision (136 Prewitt Drive), for and in consideration of a capital contribution to the Grantee of which Grantor Kyle Wells Congelton is the sole member and which is wholly owned by Grantor Kyle Wells Congelton

—Kyle Dewayne Houghton and Allison Brooke Houghton to Alda Peyton Martin, Tract 8A Plat 29/156, $160,000

—4 B Investments, Inc. to Jason L. Couch, lots 77- 79 Robinson and Marcum Addition (133 Christmas Ridge Road), $184,900

—Brian Stansell and Jamie Stansell to Keith Stansell, Lot 3 Buffalo Trace Subdivision, for and in consideration of the love and affection between brothers

—G and D Croslin, LLC to Lorri Wright, Tract 2 B Plat 29/277, for and in consideration which the Grantor has for the Grantee, the Grantee being the daughter of all the members of the Grantor

—John Cornelison, III and Judy Cornelison, IV and Sherri Cornelison to J and S Rental Properties, LLC, Tract Barnes Mill Road (1766 Barnes Mill Road), for an in consideration of an agreement between parties, and the love and affection between parties

—Kelly N. Cox (f/k/a Kelly N. Johnson) and Keanan Christopher Cox to Farmer and Resch Developments, LLC, Lot 23 Bush Bottom Estates Phase 1, $150,000

—William B. Way, Executor of the Estate of Anna W. Way to Justin D. Randolph, Lot 64 Brocklyn Subdivision (121 Hager Drive), $69,000

—Remona Bicknell (a/k/a Ramona Bicknell) to Jason Riley and Kaylee Mackenzie Riley, Tracts Madison County (2727 Dreyfus Road), $164,600

—Reuben Rose and Joyce Rose to Terry Bray, Lot 20 and 21 Riverside Acres, $5,000

—Eddie Hernandez and Luna Hernandez to Richard Pennington and Amanda Pennington, Parcel 16 A Plat 29/383, $2,500

—William E. Siler and Iris V. Siler to Roy Todd Builders, LLC, Lots 10/43 (lots 8 — 10 Dean-Herndon Addition), $159,000

—New Idea Construction and Homes, LLC to Tommy Leland, Lot 140 Orchard Hills Subdivision (416 Star Court), $35,000