Wayne County

Baughman Township — Darrell K. and Alicia K. McDonald to Orrville Trucking And Grading Co., 12676 Burton City Road, $30,000.

Klassic Holdings to Eaks Investments, 315-317 S. Walnut St., $150,000.

Canaan Township — Steven and April Tiffany to Ervin P. and Mary A. Troyer, 115 Pine St., $325,000.

Ervin P. and Mary A. Troyer to Rachel Irene Gibson and Patrick John Husbands, 115 Pine St., $156,900.

Chester Township — Ethan L. and Chelsea R. Oliver to Douglas James Myers, 3139 Overton Road, $395,000.

Travis N. Felter to Kevin Covert, 4241 Lattasburg Road, $77,269.

Congress Township — Dolores M. Eicher to Kurt L. Rickett, Congress Road, $181,921.

Kent B. Totten to Red Rose Properties, 155 A-B-C S Main St., $114,000.

Doylestown — Kyle D. and Paige M. Schafrath to Abigail Eskridge and Landon Thomas, 12790 S. Portage St., $225,000.

Robert L. Stark Jr. to Johnathon Michael and Jessica Moore, 9748 Mount Eaton Road, $300,000.

Lawrence A. and Gail M. Fox to Adam C. Thoricht, 473 N. Portage St., $80,000.

Joan M. Koprivnik (trustee) to Sherry M. and John T. Karabatsos (trustees), 357 N. Portage St., $112,500.

East Union Township — Lannie and Cynthia G. Satterfield to Community Development Group, 4622 S Apple Creek Road, $103,157.

Crist E. and Mary A. Troyer to Dry Real Estate, 9990 Hackett Road, $211,760.

Jack A. Mead (successor trustee) to Isaac S. Roth, 280 Church St., $210,000.

Franklin Township — Mark A. and Inez R. Miller to Nathanael B. Kanagy, 899 W. Clark Road, $180,000.

Orrville — Emily J. and Jamie B. Trivette to Andrew Quirino, 514 Garfield Ave., $108,000.

Pursuit Properties to Jessica E. Volke, 827 S. Elm St., $178,000.

Lorretta M. Kitzmiller to Shane Allan and Megan Johnston, 236 Mohican Ave., $135,000.

Long Run Properties to Brandon H. and Skye Meier, 123 Hall St., $125,000.

Heather A. Leeder to Tyler Lytle, 2014 W. High St., $130,000.

Paint Township — Marvin L. and Erma Miller to Leroy M. Miller and Ruth L. Yoder, 14565 Salt Creek Road, $375,000.

Aden M. and Ada Mae Yoder to Steven A. and Karen A. Yoder, 17786-17818 Harrison Road, $500,000.

Aden M. and Ada Mae Yoder to Robert A. and Lisa R. Yoder, $25,005.

Bradley A. Denning (successor trustee) to Community Development Group, 19 S. Main St., $42,000.

Rittman — Donald Jackson to Leroy Russell and Judith M. Rollinson, 36 N. Hickin Avenue, $170,000.

Village Services to Summit Laserwash, N. Main St., $200,000.

Francis D. Shook to Joseph F. Mitchell and Jami L. Wise, 66 S. State St., $123,000.

Michael C. and S. Robin Pasterchek to Johnathan M. Metzger and Alyssa R Pasterchek, 54 Sheldon St., $164,000.

Fred Winkler to Vern M. and Deanna R. Lanz, S. Metzger Ave., $1,600.

Hahn Homes to Ralph N. Lanz (trustee), Apache Trail, $42,000.

Sugar Creek Township — Douglas W. and Heidi D. Thiessen to Henry and Mable Hershberger, 12612 Emerson Road, $275,000.

Jamie Kim and Rhoda Mast to Thomas Frederick and Claire Alison Johnson, 240 Heritage Pointe, $220,000.

Wayne County National Bank to Campbell Real Estate, 204 S Mill St., $225,000.

Wooster — Christopher N. and Mary G. Workman (trustees) to 23 Bridge Benadamer and J. Benjamin Drushel, 229 College Ave., $270,000.

Wendell R. and Daisy P. Martin to Marianne E. Wardle, 708 College Ave., $195,000.

Courtney M. and Timothy C. Nolt to Cody E. Hopkins, 727 Gasche St., $107,000.

Phyllis L. Blough to Rachel Simpson, 3316 Bayberry Cove, $180,000.

John K. Coffey to Freeman W. and Melva M. Raber, 3186 Bayberry Cove, $155,000.

James A. Bates to Ashley L. and Joshua A. Leiner, 1815 Highland Park Road, $130,000.

Janet E. Grimes to Bennett Loomis Sliter, 2972 Armstrong Drive, $175,000.

Thomas P. McMillen to Vinod Dalpat Patel, 4757 Deer Creek Drive, $275,000.

RS Wooster to Meijer Stores Limited Partnership, Burbank Road, $4,270,159.

RS Wooster to Mena Road, $3,893,848.

J McCoy Farm Homestead to RC Wooster, $1,077,250.

Pro Trade 16 to Stacey L. Klingerman, 1947 Fisher Drive, $150,000.

Chet R. Rochester to Jeffrey and Julie Mitchell, 1673 Oakwood Circle, $200,000.

Michael T. and Jamie L. Morris to Seth Allen and Olivia Morgan Troyer, 835 W. Liberty St., $116,000.

Jacqueline M. Santangelo to Jeremy E. Olive, 1572 Smith Drive, $215,000.

Wayne Township — James A. and Jasmine S. Butzer to Robbie E. Eichel, 7319 Burbank Road, $275,000.

Nichole M. Depew to Marcus E. and Erin A. Frank, 303 Sand Stone Drive, $419,900.

Holmes County

Berlin Township — Jarod O. and Brittney Mellor to Schlabach Heritage, 5589 Dryer St., $125,000.

Lehler Properties to Morning Star Rentals, 5448 S. Market Market St., $425,000.

Amish Country Builders to Cedar Bridge Ohio, 6400 County Road 201, $220,000.

Hardy Township — Patricia Ann Hipp to Fairland Holdings, 66.75 acres, Township Road 305, $1,668,625.

Bruce Lyndon Wagner and Sai Nay Htun to Ryan and Dianba Yutzy, 7665 Township Road 334, $825,000.

Arlen J. and Lorraine J. Raber to Dora and Ada Mae Beechy, 7461 Township Road 317, $335,000.

Marlin and Rachel V. Stutzman to Orin A. and Sharon L. Yoder, 5855 County Road 349, $340,000.

Mechanic Township — Gladis Glaford to Marcus M. Keim, 8409 County Road 35, $140,000.

Adrian and Esta Burkholder to Norman J. Hershberger (1/3 interest), Esther Hershberger (1/3) and Fannie Mae Hershberger (1/3), 20.03 acres, County Road 150, $430,430.

Millersburg Village — Benjamin J. Yoder to David J. and Tamara J. Martin, 230 S. Monroe St., $147,000.

Mark E. and Jenyce Schaad to John Robert Reining, 26 Spring Drive, $172,500.

Monroe Township — Ray H. Miller to Adam P. and Linda S. Campbell, 6136 County Road 51, $426,000.

Casey L. and Christy E. Wagner to Joel N. Martin, 3.5 acres, Township Road 55, $95,000.

Paint Township — James W. Gertz to Joseph L. Miller, 1588 County Road 160, $230,000.

Howard J. Mossor to John J. and Susan A. Yoder, 0.34 acre, Township Road 666, $40,000.

Howard J. Mossor to Kenny Lynn and Julianne R. Kline, 2.59 acres, Township Road 666, $125,000.

Howard J. Mossor to David A. Beachy and Micah B. Miller, 7410 Township Road 666, $290,000.

Prairie Township — Matthew and Kathryn Miller to Andrew A. and Leah J. Yoder, 8908 County Road 245, $235,000.

Ripley Township — Clark E. and Ruth E. Sprang to Alan L. and Lois M. Miller, 12970 Township Road 474, $1,988,092.

RRS Holdings to Jason C. Hoxworth, 5.1 acres, Township Road 503, $95,370.

Saltcreek Township — John J. and Verna A. Miller to Aaron A. and Rachel Suzanna Miller, 0.83 acre, state Route 241, $16,560.

Walnut Creek Township — Michael D. and Sharon Miller to Trailway, 5 acres, County Road 168, $192,250.

Michael D. and Sharon Miller to Trailway, 15.17 acres, state Route 515, $585,750.

Washington Township — Keith A. McClure to Layne S. Perone, 14100 State Route 39, $150,000.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Record: Here's the last list of property transfers in Wayne, Holmes counties