Progressives take aim at NRA after Las Vegas shooting: 'NRA = American ISIS'

A national conversation on U.S. gun laws soon re-emerged on Monday after a Las Vegas gunman left 58 dead and over 500 wounded in the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was one of the first to criticize the NRA in the wake of the deadly shooting, saying the "grief wasn't enough."

Women's March co-founder Bob Bland took the NRA to task with punchier language, though, posting on Facebook a message that reads, "NRA = American ISIS."

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Nevada is one of 45 American states with open carry gun laws, and many Twitter users quickly pointed to the state's more lose gun restrictions as part of the harmful context in which gunman Stephen Paddock operated on Sunday night. Paddock reportedly had 18 to 20 guns in his hotel room from which he fired off rounds -- some of those guns fully automatic weapons.

"The NRA wants to pass a bill allowing the legal purchase of silencers," Heather Whaley wrote. "People ducked and ran in Las Vegas because of the sound of gunfire."

Sen. Chris Murphy was quick to criticize his Capitol Hill colleagues who feel "afraid" of the gun industry's lobbying power in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, saying it's time for Congress to "get off its ass."

President Trump and congressional leaders held moments of silence for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting on Monday, and some were little impressed with that show of solidarity.

"Your campaign took $30 million from the NRA last year," Molly Knight said of Vice President Mike Pence. "Save your prayers for something else."