Procrastinaut: 10 things to waste your time with this weekend

Rob Walker, Yahoo News
Rob Walker
Yahoo News

The lava lamp turned 50 this week. That’s about it for current events, so let’s get to some highlights from the Procrastinaut Tumblr — where @gilbertjasono and I gather resources to help you waste time productively (follow the Tumblr here) all week long — plus a few extra bonus items, rolled together here in a handy top ten list.

1. Recreating Jobs

If you just can’t wait for next week’s Apple announcements, enjoy Bob Odenkirk channeling tech’s greatest showman in this sketch from his forthcoming comedy show The Birthday Boys. I hope the real announcement doesn’t play out this way — or actually, maybe I hope it does. (Business Insider has another Odenkirk-as-Jobs video from a few years back, here.)

2. We're up all night to get Yoshi!

Never want to hear Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" again? Before you answer, enjoy this version arranged for Mario Paint composer.

3. What Are You Looking At?
Gizmodo sorts through stock photography to bring you a gallery of People Staring At Blank Television Screens.

4. Cover Story

Ashamed of your vast collection of video games? Maybe you should disguise it, so it looks like a collection of really classy books. These are sold out, but “new designs coming soon.” Via PSFK.

5. Pimp My 18-Wheeler

Did you know there is a “subculture” of stunning, hyper-decorated “Decorata” big rig trucks in Japan? Photographer Tatsuki Masaru has made a book of photographs about it. Via OBlog.

6. No Words

The cunning weirdos at OKFocus have set out to create more emoticons — lots more. And they’re seeking help from the Internet through the emoticon-generating Newmoticons project. “Over 500,000 possible combinations.” :/

7. Moving Pictures

I am smitten with French animator and illustrator Stephen Vuillemin, who has created a comic book told in 300(!) GIFs. Creators Project suggests this may be “the next chapter of digital graphic novels,” and if so, I’m in.

8. Exploring The Past has a fantastic interactive map comparing New York today to New York in 1836. Via Secret Republic.

9. Adds Up

Here are five attractive posters celebrating mathematicians. Via Coudal.

10. And Finally

Surely you’ve heard all you need to about Yahoo’s new logo, but if all the pros and cons discussion has whet your appetite for understanding typography, check out this truly excellent history of typography, in stop-motion animation form. Via MetaFilter.

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New York, then vs. now, via Smithsonian Mag.
New York, then vs. now, via Smithsonian Mag.
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