Procrastinaut: Ten videos, photos and GIFs to waste your time with this weekend

Wouldn’t it be incredible if a rhetorical question led to a diplomatic solution the Syrian chemical weapons crisis? Don’t answer that; direct your attention to these highlights from the Procrastinaut Tumblr — where @gilbertjasono, @danielwbean, and I gather the very best diversionary wonders and amusements (follow the Tumblr here) all week long. Enjoy.

1. What's the deal with iPads?

Mashable has compiled a set of clips of ten comedians doing bits about technology. My favorite is Aziz Ansari’s rant about texting and dating. (Almost all include profanities, so wear headphones if you’re at work (In fact, if you are listening to anything while at work, you should probably wear headphones.))

2. Check These Heads

The “animated collages” of Milos “Sholim” Rajkovic's are amazing. And props to iO9 for the best headline of the week: “Animated portraits of surreal cyborgs are whimsical nightmare fuel.” That covers it.

3. Fancy Guts

LuxInside uses 3d scanning to peer inside luxury goods and reveal their technical innards. Via Wired Design.

4. Glitch Perfect

Here is a fun tool for glitching perfectly good pictures (with lots of control over how they are glitched, and how much). Above, iPhone 5Cs, glitched. (I also glitched my dog. He’s fine.) Via Waxy.

5. Too Little, Too Late?

A new Chrome plug-in for eliminating all references to Miley Cyrus. Read about it on Yahoo Tech.

6. Eggs Benedict New Roman

“1000 eggs, 10 pans, 5 burned fingers, 3 hours, 1 bottle of oil” = Eggs Font. Via PSFK

7. Copy That

Zhenhan Hao’s “Imitation" offers a provocative response to the debate around knockoffs and copying: A bunch of professional imitators in China — who make copies of famous paintings, luxury clothing, etc. — were recruited to create original new works that nonetheless reflect their imitative skill. For example: a shoemaker who is “a master of imitating all kinds of famous brands” makes a pair “incorporating different design elements including formal shoes, sports shoes, and some big brand logos." Above, a Rene Magritte specialist paints himself, in the style of Magritte. Via Hyperallergic, which has an interview with Zhenhan here.

8. Time Flies

This impressive time-lapse style video, constructed from family portraits, “emulates the aging process.”

9. Making With Waves

Darkly beautiful images created with soundwaves, in a Detroit-style update on “Chladni Figures." More about artist Bethany Shorb’s process for making these “sound-generated paintings, here.

10. Reelin’ In The Years

And in closing: Happy 50th Birthday, cassettes! We got you this nice GIF!

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