Animated beer bottles, a social network for drones, and Stevie Nicks twirling a baton

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Via Vice's Creators Project Tumblr.

There’s a new royal baby, and I’m pretty sure his name is Carlos Danger. Then again I was little distracted this week, because that’s part of my job. So let’s get to some highlights from the Procrastinaut Tumblr — where @gilbertjasono and I share the cavalcade of awesome throughout the week (follow the Tumblr here) — plus a few extra bits of strange fascination.

We Should All Hope To Be This Guy: Sweet, inspirational video about 97-year-old Hal Lasko and the art he creates with Microsoft Paint. Via PopSci.

Do You Wish The “Blurred Lines” Video Would Never End? Well, that’s a little pervy of you. But you’re in luck: MobiusTube, created by Paul Lamere of The Echo Nest, creates “never-ending and ever-changing” versions of videos. Read more about it right here on Yahoo Tech.

Bottoms Up (and Over and Around): Beer packaging, animated in GIF form — we’ll drink to Beer Labels In Motion.

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Brought To You By: I’m not big on nostalgia, and I’m certainly not big on advertising — but I do have a certain weakness for the jingles of yore. If you miss the sound of the Jolly Green Giant or snappy songs about Spaghetti-Os and Keebler elves, you too may enjoy this jingle MP3 collection on WFMU’s Beware of the Blog. (I’m particularly fond of the jaunty little number touting the virtues of “gasoline.”)

Finally, A Social Network for Drones!

Okay, not really: Dronestagram is a site for sharing dazzling aerial images captured with UAVs like AR.Drone and DJI Phantom. (Not to be confused with James Bridle’s Dronestagram, which documents approximate locations of fatal drone strike strikes.)

We Heard You Like GIFs: Curating a curator, Creators Project sorts through The GIF Connoisseur to offer 13 GIF getaways you can enjoy from your desk while pretending to work. Well done.

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Screensaver As Art Gallery: “1. Download & install our screensaver. 2. Stop using your computer. 3. Watch art work while you idle.” Got it. Idle Screenings, via Prosthetic Knowledge.

Listening To A Poster: An experiment using conductive paint to make an image you can plug into an amp and play with your fingers.

My Robot Could Paint That: Well, this modified welding robot at the University of Kostanz in Germany could. Watch “e-David” the artbot here. Via Hyperallergic.

Found Stories: The Tumblr "Sad YouTube" culls poignant, melancholy, and sometimes moving passages from the vast wasteland of YouTube comments. More here. Via MetaFilter.

Photoshop Filters! If you’re a fan, then this animated tribute is for you. Also, you are weird. (Actually the video is kinda cool, if slightly loud.)

In Conclusion: Big shout-out to @bagnese for this Stevie Nicks Baton-Twirling GIF, a Procrastinaut exclusive.

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