Robots doing back flips, horrifying pizza monsters and 1970s Geraldo Rivera

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Yahoo News presents Procrastinaut, a Tumblr to divert you from whatever it is you are supposed to be doing.

Netflix just got a bunch of Emmy nominations, Detroit has declared bankruptcy, and most shockingly of all, Jay-Z is now Jay Z. But the more things change, the more we want to waste time on the Internet. So here are the latest highlights from the Procrastinaut Tumblr, where @gilbertjasono and I share top-quality distractions throughout the week (follow the Tumblr here), plus a few extra bits of fun.

Entertaining Letters: I just love this animated typeface, created by motion designer Jeroen Krielaars and a cast of far-flung collaborators. Suddenly the alphabet is a collection of delightful mini-animations. Krielaars calls this form Animography. More at Creators Project.

You’ll Fall For This Video: Ten minutes, 275,000 dominos. You’ll fall for it. Get it? Anyway, it really is dazzling.

Big Idea: Pointyhead conference-and-media empire TED brings you NPR’s Carl Kassell reading LOLCat photo captions.

Animals + Humans + Screens: Desk Safari, a Tumblr of pure visual silliness. Via Bem Legaus!

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Sliced That One: The surprisingly beautiful innards of golf balls.

Black Flag Shirts On Every Celebrity: Exactly that.

A Flip And Its Flops: If you’re rattled by a robot gymnast nailing a quadruple backflip, you’ll feel better after watching the blooper reel. Bonus: A Yahoo Tech News Exclusive Robot Flop GIF.

Portrait of A Movie: Art collaborative Shinseungback Kimyonghun set out to the capture the “visual mood” of several films by grabbing images of faces in Avatar, Black Swan, The Matrix, etc., and mashing them into a single representative visual. While all are pretty spooky, they do in fact suggest aesthetic variations that seem right for each movie. Gizmodo packaged the results into a match-‘em-up quiz, here.

Product of the Week: Slippers that look like Legos.

Domino’s New Promotional Strategy: Horrifying pizza monsters.

When Television Was Strange:Epic 80s News Intro” makes local newscasters look like stars of an action series, while Geraldo Rivera going to the A&P with Elvis Costello and other rock stars makes everyone involved look vaguely ridiculous.

And In Conclusion: Hello.

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