Procrastinaut: Ten things to waste your time with this weekend

Rob Walker

If you like not reading Procrastinaut, you can keep not reading Procrastinaut. Period.

Okay, that’s not true, you have to read it, because there’s no better resource for ignoring current events than the Procrastinaut Tumblr, where @gilbertjasono, @danielwbean, and I offer the latest divisionary wonders and amusements in the virtual world, all week long. Here are this week’s highlights, plus a few bonus items. You’ll love it — I promise! (Oh, and follow the Tumblr here).

1. Moving Pictures

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Want to catch up on movies this weekend? Like, a lot of movies? Stop by the FullMovieGifs Reddit, where a wide variety of films are compressed into one-minute GIFs (this GIF above has been shortened for expediency in Procrastinaut-posting). Via Creators Project.

2. A Map To Swear By

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WTF is FBomb? It’s a map that pinpoints real-time uses of everybody’s favorite four-letter word on Twitter. It’s new, but we’re hoping over time it will be more cuss-tomizable. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Via Gizmodo.

3. Blown Away

Here’s top-notch video of an iPad Air being shot to pieces. (My favorite part is here.)

4. Attention Shoppers: Smile for the Cameras!

Here’s an upbeat company video explaining a creepy-sounding retail surveillance product that identifies customer demographics through facial-scanning tech. Via Tesco Installs Face-Scanning Cameras At Gas Stations - Business Insider.

5. Now This Is A Laudable Government Initiative

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NASA Gifs, a Tumblr, is a delight. And not just because it includes jet packs.

6. Killer Show?

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The Museum of Modern has launched its latest exhibition — online. Design And Violence explores that theme with object-specific essays by the likes of William Gibson (on classified aircraft insignias) and Camille Paglia (on the stiletto), each leading to a provocative question for visitors to weigh in on. More here.

7. Improving Failure

“Take a tiny bit of pleasure in failure,” with a real-life FAIL button.

8. So Wrong It’s Right

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Speaking of failure, the accidental aRt Tumblr offers up pleasing examples of what happens “when data visualization goes beautifully wrong.” Via Fastcoexist.

9. Hot Slices of Art

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Hyperallergic has a pleasing set of images from the new book Viva La Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box, by Scott Wiener. It’ll leave you hungry for more.

10. Antisocial Media

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Rather promises it is “the most robust system ever created for getting rid of the stuff you hate on Twitter and Facebook.” Example: Every time your “friends” mention the Red Sox, you see a cat picture instead. I like this idea so much I’m road-testing this Chrome plug-in right now. I’ll share my thoughts later — so don’t block me! Via Business Insider.

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