What Processed Food Looks Like during Digestion-of Course It's Not Pretty [Video]

Philip Yam
Scientific American

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If you ever wondered how your body handled all those packaged ramen noodles you ate during college, this video s for you. Stefani Bardin, a TEDxManhattan fellow, wants to learn how digestion differs between food chock full of preservatives and food that can actually go bad in a day.

To create this video, she and her collaborator swallowed a camera pill along with their meals (which included Gatorade and Gummi bears). The camera here, called an M2A pill (for mouth to anus ) produced a stop-motion video down to the small intestine. Such cameras have limited medical uses, but boy, they sure do create a fun Fantastic Voyage -like experience. The video’s actual alimentary angle begins at the two-minute mark.

Next on the list ought to be hot dogs, considering all the chemicals in them.

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