The Problem with Weapons Bans, Julian Assange on Screen, and Victor Cruz

Esther Zuckerman
The Problem with Weapons Bans, Julian Assange on Screen, and Victor Cruz

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Top Stories: Politicians advocating an assault weapons ban will run into some of the same problems illuminated by the 1994 ban. 

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U.S.: To combat gender inequality in the Mormon Church women participated in a "Wear Pants to Church" event Sunday. 

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World: Sunni and Shiite Muslims who live on the border of Syria in Lebanon fight on opposing sides of Syrian conflict in that country but maintain a truce at home. 

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New York: How a high rise called Sand Castle in Far Rockaway weathered Sandy after being abandoned. 

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Business: After arrests in the Candian maple syrup heist the "size and the international scope of the theft underscore Quebec’s outsize position in the maple syrup industry." 

Sports: Victor Cruz travels to Newtown to visit the family of Jack Pinto, one of the victims of the shooting who was a fan of Cruz. 

Opinion: Nicholas Kristof responds to comments following a column on gun control

Movies: A number of filmmakers are clamoring to tell the story of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. 

Fashion & Style: After her company filed for bankruptcy the perennially cool Betsey Johnson is setting about reinventing her brand.