Pro-Trump Tour Flies Off The Rails Over ‘Demonic Satellites’ and ‘Deep State’ McDonald’s

Emily Elconin/Getty
Emily Elconin/Getty

The far-right “ReAwaken America” gathering in Manheim, Pennsylvania, this weekend wasn’t your typical pro-Trump rally.

It was a whole different level of crazy.

The QAnon-peppered programming frequently flew off the rails Saturday, as speakers took severe issue with everything from McDonald’s being part of the “deep state” to “demonic satellites” controlling the voting system in the United States.

The day’s activities kicked off with a prayer asking for Trump’s eyes to be opened so he could be shown when to “implement divine intervention.”

“You will surround him, Father, with none of this deep-state trash, none of this RINO trash,” the speaker—who led the prayer—yelled as attendees thrust their hands into the air.

Other speakers included Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, though the crowd favorite appeared to be organizer Clay Clark, who frequently took to the microphone to accuse McDonald’s of being part of the “deep state” and ask about Michelle Obama’s gender.

“What gender is Michelle Obama?” Clark asked. The crowd overwhelmingly yelled back: “Male.”

Then, without missing a beat, Clark began claiming there was a “war on food” and alleged a shady left-wing entity was pushing for the feeding of “insect burgers” to the masses.

Clark didn’t stop there. Elsewhere, the organizer—whose gathering once triggered an anthrax scare—called people that wear masks on planes “jackass-er-y.”

Fresh off of a video emerging of Stone calling Ivanka Trump an “abortionist bitch daughter,” the longtime informal Trump adviser attempted to flip the script, claiming videos showing him encouraging violence were actually part of “continued harassment” against him.

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“I am guilty of the crime of supporting President Donald Trump,” he said. “Loving him for 40 years.”

Right-wing doctor Stella Immanuel, best known for her belief in demon sperm, urged attendees to pray that both satellites and voting machines be destroyed.

“We need to pray and crush… the demonic satellites. We need to send a holy ghost virus into their computers, to destroy them, so they will not function, or until our election is over,” she said, to the crowd’s applause.

Earlier on Friday afternoon, Eric Trump—a longtime staple at fringe anti-vaccine confabs—took to the stage and phoned up his father to address the QAnon-friendly conference.

“We love you all,” said the ex-president, who was at times muted by Eric Trump’s phone not being close enough to the microphone. “And we’ll be back doing things that… We’re going to bring this country back because our country’s never been in such bad shape as it is now.”

Eric added that he advised his father—who has been subpoenaed to appear before the Jan 6. committee—to testify due to it being “the greatest entertainment.”

“Who wants to pop a beer, make some popcorn, and watch Donald Trump talk about election fraud in the United States of America,” he continued.

But perhaps the craziest message of the weekend thus far was from Julie Green, a self-identifying prophet, who told the crowd she had a message directly from God.

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“Says God, you can’t stop my son, who is the rightful president,” Green said on Friday evening. “He is on his way back, and how he takes his position back on center stage, you will never see that coming because you won’t see me coming. And I am with him.”

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