Pro-Israel Group Launches Ad Hitting Obama on Iran

Alex Gangitano
National Journal


The Emergency Committee for Israel, a conservative-leaning group, released a new television ad on Thursday critical of President Obama's policy on Iran, BuzzFeed reports.

The ad calls for immediate action to end Iran's nuclear program, and attacks Obama over allowing the country to develop nuclear capabilities during his presidency.

"President Obama has spent four years talking, Iran has spent four years building," the ad narrates. “Obama is still talking, and Iran has enough fuel for five nuclear bombs. ...Talking isn't working. It’s time to act — before it’s too late.”

The ECI, founded by neoconservative Bill Kristol, has a super PAC that has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars defending Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and critiquing Obama.

The group has attacked liberal advocacy organizations such as the Center for American Progress and Media Matters, and has produced videos attacking Obama on his Iran and Israel policies in the past.

Although Mitt Romney has previously attacked the president on his foreign policy positions, saying that Iran will get a nuclear weapon if Obama gets another term, neither Obama nor Romney has made Iran a major campaign issue. The Obama administration maintains that using economic sanctions and diplomacy can help prevent the development of Iran's nuclear program.