“We are prioritizing the safety of your child;” Local school district upgrades safety measures

Springfield City School District is sparing no expense when it comes to keeping its students safe.

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The district has spent $1.5 million on upgraded security measures.

Every school in the district has been given a crisis kit as a preventative measure to protect students and faculty in the case of an emergency.

“The goal for this district is safety is our culture, we want to go beyond it being a priority it needs to be our culture,” SCSD Safety and Security Operations Manager David Lyle.

Lyle told News Center 7 that this process has been ongoing for years.

“I think it’s a double-edged sword I think it’s scary that we have to put that money in to guarantee that our kids are safe. But it’s good to know that the way the world is now at least there are changes being made,” Springfield resident Paige Burcham said.

The money used for these crisis kits came from various grants, specifically COVID-19 relief funds.

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Not only does each school have a crisis kit, but they also have made upgrades to the cameras outside.

The district has also given local first responders 24-hour access to all buildings.

“Hey you may not see all of these things but please know, we are prioritizing the safety of your child each and every single day,” SCSD Communication Specialist Jenna Leinasars said.

Parents across the community said they are all ready for the changes.

“Let’s do it for all the schools so we can all be protected and raise our kids in a decent neighborhood that’s upstanding,” Springfield resident Heather McNeil said.

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Upgrades to security will be a constant thing here throughout the district.