Printer Recycling Options

Sabah Karimi
Yahoo! Contributor Network

If your old printer is no longer in resale condition or you have no use for it, don't just throw it in the trash! You can do your part for the environment by participating in a recycling program for old electronics. Many electronics manufacturers are committed to maintaining environmentally-friendly practices and want to do their part to help the environment. You might also have the option to take your used printer to an electronics store in your local area so they can take care of the recycling process on your behalf. Here's a brief look at your printer recycling options:

Check In with a Local Electronics Store

Your local electronics store might run its own recycling program for certain electronics including printers, scanners, and printer accessories. Most stores will offer this as a service to customers and at no cost to you. You just bring in the item and let them take care of the recycling process on your behalf. Most stores will even accept printers that you purchased from another store or online so you don't need to worry about bringing in a receipt or showing any type of proof of purchase. Call electronics and office supply stores in your area to find out what types of recycling programs are available.

Call the Manufacturer

Many printer manufacturers also offer a recycling program specifically for their customers. Call the customer service center to find out if such a program exists, and what the estimated shipping costs would be for your printer. Most companies require you to pay a small recycling fee which is based on the type of printer you are recycling and any other handling fees associated with the shipment. Several offer online recycling options where you can enter your product serial number and print out a shipping label after you pay the recycling fee.

Find a Local Recycling Center

There may be a privately-owned recycling center in your area. Many of these centers will take all types of printers, accessories, and other electronics, and dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner. Check on pick-up services vs. drop-off locations around your town or city. Do an online search or search local directories to find out if there is an electronics recycling center in your area. Almost all will offer recycling services free of charge and can provide you with convenient pick-up times and locations.