Preview J.R. Ewing's 'Dallas' funeral [Exclusive video]


Yeah, we got a little teary, so what? That's altogether appropriate when you're bidding farewell to one of the most iconic TV characters, and actors, of all time: J.R. Ewing, the late Larry Hagman's wily "Dallas" oilman.

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J.R.'s family, friends, and enemies will gather at Southfork in the March 11 episode of "Dallas" -- titled "J.R.'s Masterpiece" -- to say farewell to J.R., who's being killed off on the series after Hagman died of leukemia complications in November.

Among the funeral's faces that will be familiar to fans of the original "Dallas" series: Steve Kanaly, as Ewing half brother Ray Krebbs; Cathy Podewell as J.R.'s ex-wife Cally; Deborah Shelton as J.R.'s former lover (one of many) Mandy Winger; Charlene Tilton as Ewing niece Lucy; Ted Shackelford as Ewing brother Gary; and, of course, Ken Kercheval as J.R.'s ultimate enemy, Cliff Barnes.

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In the retrospective clip above, TNT takes a trip down "Dallas" memory lane, featuring a classic blowout between J.R. and little brother Bobby (Patrick Duffy); a scene with J.R. and the father he was always desperate to impress, Jock (Jim Davis); and a more recent scene with J.R. reading about his past exploits on his iPad. "Seems like I was quite a scoundrel," he concludes.

Watch a clip from "J.R.'s Masterpiece":

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"Dallas" airs Mondays at 9 PM on TNT.