If the Presidential Debate Was Like 'The Voice' [VIDEO]

Stephanie Haberman

What would happen if voters treated presidential debates more like The Voice?

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This video pretty much sums it up. Obama has a "great voice", and Mitt Romney has "badass hair".

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This video makes us wonder: if you could choose any format for the next debate, what would it be? Tell us in the comments below.

NASA Astronauts Dressed Like Jedi Monks in 1964

On Aug. 13, 1964, four NASA astronauts participated in desert survival training in the dusty sands of Reno, Nev. John Young, Frank Borman, Neil Armstrong and Deke Slayton wore brightly-colored parachute fabric that made the space travelers look like some sort of intergalactic Jedi monks. Add a Wookiee to the mix and you have the premise for a Star Wars sequel starring real life space heros. Image courtesy of NASA

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