The President Is Unimpressed

Connor Simpson
The Atlantic Wire
The President Is Unimpressed

This is a picture of the President with Olympic hero and living meme McKayla Maroney imitating her now famous facial expression from this summer's Olympics. Do you remember the Olympics? What a great time that was. Maroney rather famously came in second in her individual competition and was unimpressed with her performance. The Olympic gymnasts visited the White House on Thursday. This photo was uploaded to the President's Flickr feed on Saturday morning, though.

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There is no indication of what, exactly, the President is unimpressed with. Is it the general inefficiency in Congress? Did one of his daughters do something bad? No one knows. Conspiracy theorists, get to work. 

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Also, this is not Obama's first time acknowledging awesome memes. During the campaign he used the, "Everyone chill the f--- out, I got this," meme to tell his base to chill out. Also, along with the Vice President, Obama donned America-themed shutter shades after winning in reference to a popular photoshop from 2008. 

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McKayla Maroney is still the best