President Obama Meets McKayla Maroney, Not Impressed [PIC]

Andrea Smith
President Obama Meets McKayla Maroney, Not Impressed [PIC]
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At Magic Mike

We already showed you McKayla Maroney looking very impressed when she and her U.S. women's gymnastics teammates met President Obama on Thursday. The White House shared the photo of McKayla and her teammates, all smiles.

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But a tweet by Maroney later in the day told us there just might be more to come.

Looks like President Obama wasn't impressed either in this photo released by the White House. There they are, scowling in tandem. Who knows, it could be a new Olympic Sport?

McKayla Maroney's scowly face became a hot topic at the Summer Olympics. She stumbled at a crucial moment, and displayed her unhappiness at settling for a silver medal with a memorable off-kilter frown.

A gold medal meme was born, and the McKaylaIsNotImpressed Tumblr collected images of Maroney superimposed onto famous scenes from pop culture, world history and the news. Here are a few examples:

At Magic Mike

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Image courtesy of The White House

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