What to do before your job interview

Remake America

John was unemployed and drowning in debt in a recent episode of Remake America. Then career expert Tory Johnson reviewed his resume, shared three job search tips, and John got a job interview.

  • Get the names and titles of the interviewers. Then search the Web about their roles and responsibilities. You'll want to go to your interview with enthusiasm about their work and constructive questions about their workflow and strategic goals.
  • Dial up three or four professional associates you can give as references. Ask them if you can use them and share their contact information with the interviewers. Record their current position, work relationship to you, and contact information in one document that you can give as your references sheet.
  • Take several copies of your resume and references to the interview. Even though you've already submitted your resume to interviewers, you never know who you're going to meet or who will want to meet you. Having documentation with you is a great way to be confident and make a good impression.

John got a job interview. And as he demonstrated in his most recent episode of Remake America, following these tips is a great way to turn a job interview into a full-time gig.