Pranksters Put $10 Ikea Print in an Art Museum


(Life Hunters Ikea art prank. Screengrab credit: Lifehunters/YouTube)

A team of Dutch pranksters has shown just how much of a bargain IKEA really is.

Erik Hensel and Dexter van der Voorn, who call themselves the “Life Hunters,” displayed an IKEA painting worth $10 in the Museum for Modern Art, in the Dutch town of Arnhem.  With a hidden camera in tow, they asked several art connoisseurs to critique the piece of fine art.  Queue the hilarity…

The resulting video has racked up nearly 800,000 views on YouTube since being posted on Thursday.

They told each unsuspecting target that the surreal image was created by the famous Swedish artist “Ike Andrews”. (“Ike A.” Get it? Yep, you got it.)  

One man notes that “the name does sound familiar.”

As each art aficionado approaches, they give their take on the piece, touching on its “nostalgic attributes” and “the depiction of chaos” or “forms of symbolism.”

Now to be fair, an artist did create the image and license it to IKEA. So their description of what the piece evokes inside them shouldn’t be negated based only on the fact that IKEA is selling it.  

The really humor is found when the host lets them know the artist is famous for his other great works, and then proceeds to name off IKEA furniture such as the Ektorp and the Norden whilst they nod in agreement.  


(The Life Hunters prankster is about to tell this woman where the picture is really from. Screengrab credit: Lifehunters/YouTube)

Finally, perhaps the most shocking moments occur when he asks them to price the piece. The answers vary from $1,000 to $666,000, with one man saying he would pay $2.5 million for the $10 painting.  

But one skeptical woman says, “You wouldn’t buy this in a cheap store.”  Apparently she hasn’t been in IKEA recently…

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