The Prancersize Lady Meme Has Given Us New GIFs in This John Mayer Video

Rebecca Greenfield
The Atlantic Wire

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GIF-makers, prepare thyselves: There's a new prancersize video out there on the Internets — and it's not your average YouTube clip. Joanna Rohrback — a.k.a prancersize lady — stars in the latest John Mayer music video, "Paper Doll." Much like her other prancersize tutorials, the clip features a galloping Rohrback doing her famous exercise to some jamming tunes. But it just so happens that this particular tune is an actual pop song, supposedly about Mayer's relationship with Taylor Swift. Props to Rohrback, who managed to turn her memeness into Internet fame in less than a month. And while the Mayer video may look as low-budget as her other videos, this is actually a professionally produced video that appears on Mayer's Vevo channel and everything. That's pretty impressive for a meme. 

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And because of her enterprising spirit, the rest of us get a whole 4 minutes and 30 seconds of GIF-able goodness. Such as:

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...and, just for starters:

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Yes, those are fading John Mayer lyrics at the bottom.