Power outages in four oblasts because of attacks

For the seventh time since the beginning of the occupation, the last line of communication between Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant and the power grid was disconnected due to attacks. In Donetsk Oblast, 10 settlements were cut off from power supply due to shelling, and two mines lost power.

Source: Ministry of Energy of Ukraine

Quote from Herman Halushchenko, Minister of Energy of Ukraine: "Zaporizhzhia NPP has lost the external power supply necessary for its safe operation, in particular for cooling the nuclear material of its power units. Ruscists are once again bringing the world to the brink of disaster by violating all the principles of nuclear safety."

Details: The attacks also damaged the network infrastructure; 24 settlements in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast were cut off from the power grid. Restoration works are ongoing.

Quote from the ministry: "In Zaporizhzhia Oblast, 246,600 consumers were left without power as a result of attacks and damage to equipment at substations. The majority of consumers have now been supplied with power.

In Donetsk Oblast, 10 settlements were cut off from power supply due to attacks, and two mines lost power. A strike was recorded near a power substation; no personnel were injured."

More details: At the same time, 24,500 consumers in Kherson Oblast were cut off from the electricity supply because of the attacks. Repair teams are working where the security situation allows.

"Despite the extremely difficult situation after the attacks, the power system is operating stably. There are no restrictions for household consumers.

Electricity exports for the current day are 100 MW to Moldova and 100 MW to Poland. No imports are planned for 22 May," the ministry added.

The ministry also reported on the situation in the gas industry. In two days, the volume of gas in storage facilities increased by almost 70 million cubic metres. The natural gas reserves are sufficient – more than 9.2 billion cubic metres.


As a result of the attacks on the night of 21-22 May, the last high-voltage transmission line was disconnected at 5:26. It was used to supply the temporarily occupied ZNPP with power for its own needs. It is the eighth time during the plant’s occupation.

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